Feb. 1st, 2011

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Being Human, Something to Watch Over Me


I still kinda love it, as much as I finish every episode wishing there was *more* (plot, especially, but that's probably because I got spoiled by TVD, where blink-and-you-miss-a-vital-plot-point)

Officer Garrety: Oy, and owch. On the other hand, I'm loving the little toothy tiffs between Aidan and Seth whatever-his-name-is-in-this-version with Bishop looking on.

Like that Aidan explained some vampy rules in this 'verse, even if it was more than a little heavy-handed on the writers' part.

Love Tony the handsy ghost. Love Sally's face when she shakes his hand.

I even like Jesse, the med student/neighborhood watchboy (who is totally crushing on Josh). Speaking of which, did you notice whether the person killed when Josh was turned was a woman or man? I wonder if the situation is going to be similar to the brit version.


Overall, I really like that this series is a little more... logical?... than the Brit version. If that makes any sense, even though the cost is some of the handwaving that made more action (and interaction) possible in the Brit one.

I also like that it's not quite as navel-gazey (emphasis on the quite, because there is still a lot of staring at belly buttons. Though with Sam Witer's abs, I'm very much okay with that.)

I can't wait for more backstory on all the roomates.

Shock! I might be feeling myself getting fangirly again!

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