Feb. 6th, 2011

krislaughs: (obama smile)
Wow. I've never actually watched Bill O'Riley interview before. He's really *really* blatantly trying to entrap the president. He's not even doing it well! Or with actual facts! He makes a statement (that contradicts the president), waves his hand, interrupts his subject's response with a 'this is just an idealogical difference' and moves on. Is he like this all the time? Such sad lack of subtlety

ETA: God, he's a clumsy interviewer. He had sole attention of the president of the United States, in front of pretty much the entire country, and that? THAT? is how he conducted himself? by Sneering that Barak didn't wear a tie on Superbowl Sunday? That was kinda pathetic.

ETA2: It's very disorienting to see one network event try to combine politics, sports, AND red carpet action...

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