Feb. 7th, 2011

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Being Human 1x04: Wouldn't it be Nice (if we were human)

Oh look! It's Tully! Wait. Tully has a southern accent. And his name is RAY.

Seriously, though. In comparison to UK, Ray is a lot more sinister, especially as regards his sabotage of Aidan and Josh's friendship. And Josh's insistence that Aidan is different? Let me draw little sparkly hearts all over it.

In fact, let me spread those sparkly hearts over that whole first scene in the kitchen. That was my favorite trio-moment of the series so far!

I already rather like this Nina (er, what is her name in the US?) better. Although Brit Nina had some sharper snark. Josh was so far beyond adorkable trying to hit on her. And his wingman-eyes at Aidan? Priceless.

Aidan and Rebecca-- while I don't particularly ship it, I'm not gonna lie, they are HAWT. Bloody. Beautiful. Brilliant.

I wonder what the fallout is going to be for Josh beating on Marcus. Aidan: high five. Bishop: *shivers* (although I'm guessing Aidan will receive the brunt of that one). I do love that Josh's more dangerous instincts seem so much closer to the surface than George's (at least S1 George), it adds so much more to his character.

I really like the high-class vampy bloodhouse. I'm also really glad we're getting to see the guys being a little more domestic. Okay, I just love kitchen scenes. *craves more moments where they're sipping coffee / blood* (or else I just really like things that draw attention to their mouths.)

Sally and Aidan by the fireplace? Pwned my heart just a little. Okay, a lot.

Sally in general was ftw all episode. I love the development of her abilities, that she has to work for every one of them. I love that she's trying to grow up and hold on all at the same time. She doesn't do tragic nearly as well as either of the boys, but I'm okay with that. She does her own life so much better.

spoilers? comments on the preview for next week, anyway )

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