Feb. 17th, 2011

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Hey, for any of you watching he US version, I had a question.

I know Mitchell was turned during WWI. Which war was Aidan fighting? From the uniforms (red and blue coats) I was guessing the American Revolution, but on Monday, he was talking about being too busy fighting to read newspapers in Lincoln's time (I think). If he's been around over 200 years, that puts you back in the early 1800's-- Civil War was only 150 years ago, even accounting for the 25 years he was alive, that's still not 200 (a number they seem pretty stuck on) but the Revolution would put him at 235 which makes more sense (except for the lincoln comment). Did I mishear something? Or what? Maybe it was the war of 1812?
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1. I had a LONG day today (but, mostly, a good one); lots of surgeries, followed by artificial insemination of a mare (I LOVE repro work), followed by four hours of evening appointments. Twelve hours total. But mostly successful. And tomorrow should be short (I hope) as I only have (so far) one morning appointment-- to re-check today's mare.

2. Dear Vampire Diaries: You EFFING BLOW ME AWAY! Just when I'm expecting a CLIFFHANGER OF DOOM, there's still TWENTY MINUTES OF AWESOME left in the show. No really. Other shows do character as well (though you manage that, too *cough*Damon*cough*) but no one does plot just like you.

3. Being Human: Not that I'm cheating. I still love you (though you could take a plotty McPlottingpants lesson from TVD. Just saying) You're still my main squeeze.

Speaking of which, I may or may not be writing actual fanfic for this show (I know, right? How LONG has it been?) Anyone want to beta? *eyelashbatting*

And speaking of characterization of BH(US) characters, I found Sam Witwer's latest interview really interesting in terms of his take on Josh and Aidan's relationship. I'd like to try to incorporate some of those ideas; namely that spoilers, just in case? )

3. In other random news; for the first time in *years* I think I'm set to condense and organise my LJ tags.

4. I know I should go to bed now, but I've had just enough red wine that I think it might be a good idea to stay up (have another glass) and write rather than to rest up for the upcoming weekend on call. Decisions, decisions...

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