Mar. 9th, 2011

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First, Glee.

I wasn't loving this episode at first. Gwyneth was a little over the top (Okay, she was in her first appearance, too, but still), Kurt's sexy faces hurt to watch, the songs were pretty much so-so. But then the second half totally fixed itself. I loved Blaine's talk with Burt, Burt's with Kurt. I still kinda want Emma and Shuster to end up together, but I'm glad he's with someone he enjoys for right now (and they must have an awesome budget to get her as a recurring character). The prince 'Kiss' tango was pretty hot. And Santana coming out of the closet was a good thing, I think. I'd like her to be happy. She's really grown as a character over the course of the show (whereas Rachel has really regressed. We'll see what happens with that). Oh, I also really like Quinn's new haircut. LOVE it, really. And Puckerman with Zeist? FAB!


Then back to BH.

I've rewatched that last scene, and while I still don't melt quite the way I did with the UK one, it fits the characters and show. I love the bonding between Sally and Josh's that's been so slow to come, even if it dissolves a little bit into a competition to see who has it worse. I love that Josh doesn't wallow too long before turning the conversation to Nora. For all the angsting he does, I think they really try not to throw him into a good wallow. And once again, you get a little more of a hint of how Aidan and Josh are really there to look out for each other-- even in a screwed up sort of friendship.

Also, while I'm not generally a fan of CG werewolves, I thought this one was a lot cooler than expected.

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