Jun. 4th, 2011

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So, I'm not generally in a panic about getting older. For one thing, a birthday is just a marker, you're only one day older when it's done. For another, I am actually looking forward to the next decade as one that will bring good things (no exams, better income, more playtime, you get the idea)

That said, I'm suddenly in a bit of a panic over turning thirty this week. It's just... it's the number at wiich I was to supposed to have Things Figured Out. Needless to say, I so don't.

I'm also trying not to draw too much attention to the fact, or to particularly celebrate so please no happy birthday wishes, kay? Really. I'm just looking to be okay with the day, not excited about it. Just looking for a little pat on the shoulder with a "don't worry, be happy." "Thirty is the new twenty." or "Thirty happens to the best of us."


In other news, the 'g' key came off my keyboard and won't snap back on. Very frustrating.


Gonna go see X-Men first Class tomorrow. Am very excited for this.


Funniest emergency call of the week: "My cat is in raging heat and the intact male dog keeps humping her. Is that okay?"


Don't get BBCA. (allthough I do have it on-demand, go figure) So even though I'm home for once nd able to watch new Doctor Who, my plans are still thwarted.


Finished The Neon Court by Kate Griffin. My god, I am totally enamored with her conception of urban magic. Makes me want to move back to the city.

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