Jun. 23rd, 2011

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I don't know about Karma, but sometimes you have one of those afternoons.

Most of my surgeries went quickly through the morning, then got hung up on the final cat dental (didn't end up doing it due to some underlying conditions). Finally hit the road for my farm calls around two.

Got lost while on the phone with my tech discussing another, really frustrating case. (Whoever says cell phones aren't a distraction while driving is totally BS-ing-- I may not have ever hit anything, but I've certainly *missed* a lot of turns.)

Found the farm. Examined the horse. Owner was oddly insistent that I be careful maneuvering around- I assumed because there were broken boards in mud on the ground. I made sure only to step on solid boards... right onto a 2-inch rusty nail that went through my sole and up into my foot.

Luckily, I am a doctor. And also up to date on tetanus vaccinations. (Also, it only made it about 1/4 inch into flesh. Not so bad, all things considered. The shoes were ready for retirement anyway.) So I patched it up and got on with the day. I tried not to make the owner feel too guilty, although I did point out that while a nail in my foot is no big deal, the same injury could be life-threatening to her horse.

That must've gotten me bad karma because the 'low fuel' light went on on my there. Generally, I've driven the truck for about 30-40 minutes after the light goes on (because that can be the distance to the next gas station) and had no issue. Not today. Finished my second call, and about five miles from the farm and five more from the gas station, the truck died.

Luckily, it was during a break in the massive thunderstorms we've had. Luckily two guys (fireman and military respectively) stopped to help me push the truck off the road. Luckily one of them (fireman) spared fifteen more minutes to run me to the gas station to get a can and some fuel, and I made it home eventually to feed my pets.

Oh, and on top of everything else, it's that time of the month.

So, yeah, one of those afternoons that was trying its damndest to be a really bad one, but all things considered, it turned out just fine. Go figure.

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