Jul. 4th, 2011

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Jul. 4th, 2011 10:16 pm
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It's the Fourth of July, and a farmer calls me out to his farm to go see his calf, informing me that if this was simple, he would've treated it himself, because it's difficult (aka the calf was pretty much in its death throes when I got there) he doesn't think it's worth it to have me out at all, but it's his daughter's animal and she wants the vet out to do what we can.

I give it the old college try (not overly optimistic, but sometimes we get lucky).

ANYWAY, afterwords, I'm cleaning up, standing around with the farmer's buddies, and they're talking about the 'damn environmentalists' who ruin farmland to preserve silly things like endangered species' habitat and water resources. They move on to the damn 'city folk' who use up water etc. that should be better used for crops (nevermind that the crops are only valuable insofar as you have an urban population to purchase them. But I digress.)

It comes up in conversation that I'm from NYC.

The old farmer's reply: "Son, you called the wrong vet out. This girl's from the city; she doesn't know anything about animals."

I mean, really, who says that to someone's face-- someone who's spent the last twelve years working on farms even if I spent the first eighteen in a big city? Someone who has many more years of medical education than he ever will? What does he even know about me? NOTHING EXCEPT I CAN TREAT A CALF HE CAN'T.

They go on to tell me about Skinner's Box and how it "prooved" that you could reproduce all of the Urban Vices such as homosexuality, homelessness, etc. by cramming a bunch of rats into a box where originally just a few rats thrived.


Actually, Skinner was studying operant conditioning, which is something else entirely.


He goes on to tell me about those old Jay Walking skits from the Tonight show, wherein the people in NYC couldn't name the president, but they knew the latest American Idol winners and how this proves that people in cities have no idea what's important in life.

I say again. WHAT THE FUCK? It's not like I walked onto his farm, on a holiday, because I wanted to treat a dying calf and then started ranting about the uneducated, unemployed, meth-addict rednecks I come across every day in rural PA. I mean, really.

I had no idea how to respond, so I told him that there's a lot of good about both places. I wouldn't give up my upbringing in the city for anything, and he had lovely berries on the farm. Then I wished him a happy holiday and managed not to hit his Chrysler 300 as I was backing out.

Do these people even realize how profoundly rude and insulting they are? Or were they raised in a barn? (heheee)

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