Jul. 9th, 2011

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On call again this weekend, but not tonight and I have Monday off entirely (first day off since June 26), so it should be okay. Only one emergency last night; a brown recluse spider bite.


Posted some XMFC fic the other day, Alex/Darwin. Now I think I need to write myself some Alex/Hank and to give it a happy ending.


Speaking of, well not really, I was definitely laughing out loud to this Tumblr feed. *is easily amused by James McAvoy's bright blue eyes*

I may not totally understand how Tumblr works, but I'm not above enjoying it some days.


Thank you [livejournal.com profile] midnitemaraud_r, for the smootch! (She also posted a link to a really neat article on fandom and fanfic the other day. Check it out.)


You know, I m actually really enjoying summer-season TV this year. Between White Collar, Suits, Franklin and Bash, Leverage and True Blood, I might even venture that I watch more television now than during the regular season with its endless swaths of reality...


Have a good weekend!
krislaughs: (XMFC charles/eric1)
One: My colleague is covering emergencies, ergo--

Two: I have a glass of wine in hand that--

Three: is filtered through the Venturi Aerator a frind gave me for my birthday (the improvement to taste? is no gimmick or lie. I will have to bring the aerator to restaurants and parties because I don't know if I can drink red wine without it again.) While--

Four: I read the new updates to Limeted Release! Which, if you enjoy XMFC AUs, Charles/Erik set in the White Collar-verse, you ought to be reading (unless you are unforgivably patient and are waiting until it's finished)

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