Aug. 1st, 2011

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Apparently we have two choices come 2012:

1a. Elect a Republican and forward the Conservative Whackjob Agenda(tm)

corollary to 1a, 1b. Re-elect Presidnt Obama and forward the Conservative Whackjob Agenda (with righteous indignation under the guise of a right-shift compromise.)

2. Or move to Canada.



In other news, I have a question regarding XMFC fic:

Let me preface this by explaining that I waste a whole lot of writing time checking the date of common-use slang, technology, etc. and that's without even *trying* to make it period-specific. That's just knowing that the walkman wasn't released until the 1970's

[Poll #1766227]


And, finally, a rec:

Old Metal (Blood, Memory, and Rubber Ducks) by [ profile] pprfaith

It's Charles/Erik-Lensherr x Erik Northman (True Blood). It's labelled as crack, but it's the kind of crack that makes my blood run cold, it's such a good story in its own right. The two Eriks are so well blended into one character, I didn't even know whose face to imagine while I was reading. Charles was flawless Charles.

The statement was bland, but Erik couldn’t quite help the shiver that passed down his back. Beautiful, skilled, useful and his. Greed, yes. It had always been his favorite of the Christians’ deadly sins, so very inherent in a vampire’s nature. Taking was what they did and Erik wanted this telepath.

Go! Encourage MORE of this!

:D :D :D

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