Aug. 11th, 2011

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1. OMG, night off! After being at work until eleven or twelve pm the last few nights, this is a major treat.

2. I caught up on Design Star (why am I finding this show profoundly boring? I should love it, but I really really don't) and White Collar. White Collar was AWESOME. The HAT, OMG! Definitely a reason to look forward to December.

3. I finished Red Seas Under Red Skies on Saturday. It was great. I don't think I stopped reading for about six hours straight. Now I really really wish the next book was ready--mostly because the summary at the end of this one promised to heap mischance and misery upon Locke, and what's not to love about that?

4. I'm dehydrating a crop of tomatoes from the yard today. I think I'm gonna freeze the green beans, maybe. Not sure what I'm gonna do with the cabbage. Potatoes and garlic are sitting chilly and corn is just about ready for harvest.

5. Getting bored with my Hank/Alex plotty-evil-mutant-tries-to-steal-Alex-and-Scott's-powers fic--mostly because I got bogged down in the plot. It became more 'this happens, then this happens, then this happens' and lost track of the characters, if that makes any sense? In the meantime, I picked up my Charles/Erik plotty-reconciliation-time travel fic and am enjoying that one.

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