Aug. 29th, 2011

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It's odd, but after a week/weekend on-call, Monday is the greatest word.

Last weekend was a bit rough (as anyone who caught my Saturday night post can attest). I worked a normal half-day Saturday, back home around two, then pretty much straight through from four pm to four am. I also killed (euthanized) the vast majority of my patients. That, after a busy Friday night, left me on my last nerve. Luckily, I only had one major call on Sunday night. Luckily it was a horse (I have infinite patience for horses relative to other animals). Then after work this evening, I was off!

Oh. Except for when my neighbor brought me a dying kitten to take care of, after her son motored over it in his PowerWheels car. I kid you not.

This is actually my life. *facepalm*

(I took the kitten to euthanize. Because I really am doctor death. I told her to tell her son we tried CPR to revive it. I am a lying liar.)


I spoke to my boss last week about what her plans were for my colleague's maternity leave. Um. The plan was to have me and her husband split on-call duty 50/50 for six weeks. I'll be paid more for the time, but I'm not sure money is worth the basket case I know I'll be (we currently split emergency duty three ways, and that seems like too much many days. See: last Saturday for example).

I suggested as much to her. I guess we'll see what happens...


I started dating someon new. I think I really like him, you guys!

That hasn't happened in, no joke, like ten years.

I guess, worst case scenario, at least I know I still have a heart? But best case scenario, I also get to have some fun. :)


I think that's all. I really want to finish one of the open stories on my desktop. The Charles/Erik one is proceeding in a slow, linear fashion. I think it's funny how each story develops so differently because the Hank/Alex one is written beginning to end, but each time I go through it I add new layers of characters and voice and... I don't know, but I'm rather enjoying the (also slow) process.
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First batch: Color, Blue

Blue and blue-green )

Second batch: Theme, books

Here, there and everywhere )

I started these for [ profile] deirdre_c's birthday. Clearly did not finish. I'll give you a rainbow another time, m'dear.

Take what you want, comment/credit as you wish. All images from Getty's royalty-free database.


Saw A Solitary Man last night, with Colin Firth. The man is a genius, you guys. I also didn't realize Nicholas Hoult was in it until his baby blues made me want to tadpole for a while.

Melancholy, but still a great movie. I watched Atonement a little earlier in the day. Must have been in the mood for broody-but-beautiful pieces.

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