Sep. 8th, 2011

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Went to NYC for Labor Day weekend, and it was FABULOUS! (Could it not be? The city clears out for the weekend, so there is even actual parking to be found)

Saw Anything Goes on Broadway. Since my parents subscribe and were able to get the tickets before the Tony nominations were out, we were 3rd row center. WHAT a fun show! I was in a lot of these numbers in high school, and it was so glorious to see them properly dones, although I had to fight not to sing along.

clips from the show )

Spent an afternoon at the Met, a day waling around Central Park (and rode the Carousel, which I haven't done since I was about six), met several friends, had great Tapas and Sushi (not all at once), went on my long run (11mi) in prep for next week's half marathon, and just generally enjoyed it.

Then I came home.

Oy, if I am living here in three years' time, someone please slap me upside the head. I feel so much more ALIVE being where things are happening, where not everyone is a WASP, where... I don't even know. Living out here is a pale imitation of the real thing--not that I mind rural life, but the kind of rural that exists out here is also backwards, and I want forwards-rural-with-more-city-access. Um. I kinda want it all.

I'm thinking Massachusetts?

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