Sep. 17th, 2011

krislaughs: (XMFC eric uniform)
So, I made it back to PA after spending fourteen hours driving (starting at three Friday morning) and twenty-four hours back home.

Happily (more or less), the funeral was without incident (as with many families, this is no guarantee in mine). Everyone who came was wonderful and supportive to my mother, which was really all I could have asked for.

Tomorrow is another early start (4:30am) to get to the race in Erie. Due to... well everything that's been happening, I haven't been able to run since Monday. Hopefully I was enough in shape for the thirteen miles on no sleep tomorrow.

My tummy is a little upset just thinking about it. (Unlike most runners, I can't eat or drink while I race without puking in the bushes. I just take a sip of water here and there to keep my mouth from drying out, then guzzle at the end of the race. This is one reason I've never attempted a full marathon.)

Hopefully, I will still be awake enough afterwards to go visit [ profile] ignipes!


In other news, just got Jane Eyre from Netflix. It was so good! I've been rereading the story. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it back in middle/high school. And Fassy was awesome, of course.

Okay. To bed for me.

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