Sep. 30th, 2011

krislaughs: (XMFC hank)
YAY! Three-day weekend is finally here after only twelve days of work. :-D

Okay, so I'd like to be writing. And to talk about stories. Preferably XMFC. I made Indian curry with mushrooms and salmon for dinner. I opened a bottle of wine I'd been saving, and it's just as LOVELY as expected (despite the staining on the cork, that terrified me it would be spoilt).

I'm almost done re-reading Jane Eyre and... dude, there's so much more sexual tension in that novel than I was even aware of in middle school. :-P It's great. I'm thinking I ought to re-read Wuthering Heights...

Simul-reading The Subtle Knife and The Neon Court, and it's a little surrealistic. I love it.


Um, here's a snippet of one I've been working on that--the whole doesn't flow at all, but I really like this moment. Flying for the first time )


Okay. That's what I got. Gonna see if Terra Nova is available OnDemand.

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