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I don't even know what counts as spoilers for this one, but I've only seen through 4x09, and so that's all I'll mention .

So I watched about two episodes tonight. I can rarely get through more than that without yelling at my screen. And I mean that in the most loving way possible. I kind of want to shake Merlin and Arthur and everyone on the writing crew.

1) For dealing with the Lancelot love triangle in a SINGLE EPISODE and more importantly

for 2) KILLING one third of that triangle (again)

In my head, he stays awake after Merlin touches his forehead, can't remember a bit of his time with Morgana, and Merlin spends the rest of the series hiding Lancelot in his bedroom. What? It could happen.

Damn, I'm gonna start writing it, aren't I?

Also, Arthur is so woobie. He's the woobiest king ever. And I think he needs a hug. From Merlin. And possibly the rest of the knights.

And that's all I have to say about that. Will probably catch the rest sometime later this weekend, in which I have blissfully little planned. *can't wait*
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