Merlin 4x10

Jan. 4th, 2012 11:35 pm
krislaughs: (merlin - arthur)
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All I have to say is,

Gawaine: "Missed you at the tavern tonight... Get some rest. Arthur's planned a training session in the morning. You know how the king likes his training."

You could replace the word 'training' in that sentence with 'big gay knights-of-the-round-table orgy' and achieve the same effect, the way he says it, like sex on a stick. ummm, yeah.

And also, The times I get frustrated with this show are the times when one character (in this case Gaius) is all, "You have no choice but to..." do something very dramatic, like kill your friend or sacrifice yourself, when in most cases, I can think of about ten other choices the character has--and that's even *before* using Merlin's magic. Just saying.
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