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Oh, man. I have like a hundred million other things to do, comments to reply to and stories to read, but in the meantime. Er. This happened again. Best little comm!

Title: The Watcher
Prompt: Sight, for [ profile] 100_ghosts

Spoilers: 3x05, but only if you already know what happens. ;)

It's all John has left )
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So, I couldn't get my Halloween story done on time, but I was inspired by the revamping of [ profile] 100_ghosts.

Sam/Jess Drabble )
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I think the titles of my drabbles are longer than the things themselves. Just discovered [ profile] 100_ghosts. This is fun.

Prompt: Gluttony
Title: Another Kind of Nursery Rhyme

Before the songs, were the things of the songs. )

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