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This is in no particular order (well, alphabetical more or less) just an archive of the things I've written. For my own amusement more than anything else.

Being Human (US) )

Firefly )

Supernatural )

Harry Potter )

Heroes )

X-Men: First Class )

Random Crossovers - Good Omens, Firefly, SPN, Discworld )
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Title: Overnight Shifts (1/2)
Author: [ profile] krisomniac
Rating, Warning, Pairing, Disclaimer: G, none, none, not mine, just having fun
Summary: (Post- S1 season finale) Nora gets help from an unlikely source in dealing with the repercussions of seeing Josh transform. All is well and good until Josh figures out that something’s up.
Wordcount: ~3000 this half
Author’s Note: This has been sitting on my hard drive pretty much since last season ended. I figured I’d clean it up and post it before it gets swallowed by canon on Monday. YAY new season!

Sometimes the early morning hours, on those rare nights when the most critical patients are sleeping soundly and the ambulance bay echoes like an empty concrete cathedral, are the best, most serene moments of his day )
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Wow, long time no update.

1) Christmas was good. Family came, minimal drama, only about five emergencies.

2) Made out with: smartwool socks (no kidding, this is my always-a-hit gift), popsicle kit, books, pats cap, and most importantly, help with student loans.

3) Decided I need to go on a diet-- all my non-stretch pants are feeling tight. If I was going to design a new diet fad, I would start with a group of foods I HAD to eat every day, and if I was still hungry, I'd worry about the counting and points and stuff.

4) Things I'm looking forward to in January: White Collar, Being Human, all the cool shows.

4) I dunno what else I have to say.
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First run since the race, and I felt pretty good. I'm jonesing to sign up for another one. Preferably in NYC--the big one in January is closed for registration, though. :(


Does anyone use those barefoot running shoes? I know it's just a big fad, but I'm kind of curious to try it. Recommendations for different brands? How to get started training in them? Whether it's worth it when I go on muddy trails (which is more than half the time)?


The guy I was kind of into clearly did not feel the same about me. Ah well. Back to the drawing board (aka


Glee last night was... I wasn't overly impressed; not with the story, the songs, anything really. I'm glad it's back, and I'm hoping for another great season. We shall see.


I think that's all. Not on-call tonight. Whee!

You know what I miss? Vampire shows. I'm gonna catch up on Vampire Diaries and wish it was time for the new Being Human season. Maybe read/write some fic.
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Sent from my father, of all people:

Photo of the devastation of the East Coast earthquake )

I was supposed to have felt it, but to be honest, after the tires on my work truck got rotated last Friday, I was driving around in my own personal earthquake all day and didn't feel a thing other than that.

I saw Dylan Dog: Dead of Night and have to say that I enjoyed it in a guilty-pleasure sort of way. Sam Huntington is the bestest, even when he's losing body parts, although I do prefer him on Being Human, with a little more backbone... Brendan Routh has such girly-eyes and still manages to be pretty badass. Even though he gets tossed around a whole stinking lot. Definitely saw the end coming from about ten miles away, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
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Title: Hall Monitor (Hank McCoy & Josh Radcliffe)
A/N: Before you ask, yes, “Comparing notes” is exactly what the kids are calling it these days. 150 words :-)

This one yours? Genetics and Retroviral DNA, haven’t read that yet… )


Title: Feathers and Dust (Darwin & Death of the Endless)
A/N: So this isn’t really just a conversation, but dialogue is much more difficult to write when neither character is currently in possession of a pair of vocal chords. 270 words

For a long time—as much as time has any meaning here—there’s nothing but the sound of dust filtered through the eddies of wind off the wings of a flock of doves. )


Original prompt post

Off call

May. 9th, 2011 07:56 pm
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Oh, it was glorious to hear of a an emergency this evening-- and learn that someone else was sent out to it! (I did offer if he was getting swamped, but he graciously let me off the hook).

And, to be fair, this weekend was really not too bad. I just wish that I could relax on the not-bad weekends on-call, but instead, I hover around my cell phone, go to bed early in the hopes that the night will pass faster, and stay close to home all day.


I've been re-watching True Blood in preparation for season four. Up to episode 2x06, and I have to say, there were more things I enjoyed (Godric, Eric, and Jason/Sarah Newlin) in season two than I remember. Mostly, I got bored with the nonstop maenad orgies. I know, it's especially sad when a show can bore you with orgies. But what what can I say?

Mostly, I miss my other vampire show on Monday nights-- the one that had me looking forward to Monday nights. (I need an icon for that). Oh, Being Human...


Hehehee Sam and Daphne are fucking on the pool table. I love it!


I worked in the garden for a while today, since it's finally sunny and lovely and springlike outside. Planted peas and broccoli and lettuce, and the rest of the seeedlings will go in the ground after Memorial Day weekend (and the last chance of frost around here.)

The other spring flowers are out, and the fruit trees are finally blossoming.

I love this part of spring, the part where the days are long and the skies are clear. Not the part where you're wading through inches of mud to get anywhere you're going.


ETA: And Jessica/Hoyt!! So much love! :)
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It's almost time for vacation! I leave Friday after work. [ profile] ignipes is going to mind (or rather, serve at the pleasure of) my several opinionated pets. They can't wait.

In the meantime, today was rather productive in terms of doing laundry (I am somewhat compulsive about returning home to clean bedsheets after a vacation), waxing (SO many places. The joys of beach trips at the end of winter), repotting most of my seedlings. Still need to pack and do nails--mostly because I'm on call tomorrow night, so my time is entirely at the mercy of the western PA pet population.

I may get off work early tomorrow if I can finish my surgeries quickly, though. I've a few neuters and some cats to declaw. Have I mentioned recently how much I hate declaw-ing cats? I hate it. It especially burns me that some of our owners elect not to pay for pain medication for their declawed cats. I'd like to amputate each of their fingertip without pain medication. (I generally find a way to sneak it to the kitties regardless.) But if there's a hell designed by cats, that's where i'm going, to be tortured by the severed claw tips for all eternity.

While we're at it, I also hate doing puppy tail docks and dew claws...


As a total aside, I miss Being Human. Nothing to look forward to on Monday nights, now.

Can we have a ficathon or something? Keep them alive!


Um. I think that's all I have to say, except that this April's freezing showers are gonna bring up May flowers that take no prisoners. And can survive underwater.
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I'm sure I'll have more thinky thoughts in the morning, but for now The good, the better, and the inevitable buhhhhh? )

Damn, we have to wait a whole year-ish now? Bring on the fanfics!
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1. I feel like yesterday didn't even exist in any ordinary time. I woke up to my batphone ringing, pulled the biggest, rottenest bull calf (with help, and my shoulders will never be the same) and didn't stop moving (except to shower some of the ickiness off) until about nine that night. At which point I fell asleep, and woke up this morning half convinced yesterday didn't really happen at all.

2. I just set my desktop wallpaper to this one from National Geographic (I'm sure I'm the last person in the world to discover their galleries, but I'm glad I did), and I am so enamoured of it. I just can't stop staring...

3. A client gave me some eggs from his backyard flock the other day, and my omlette this morning was YUM.

4. Saw the seson finale of Merlin Friday night with [ profile] ignipes and I just... NEED Merlin to spill the beans. But apparently that is never going to happen in the show. In fact, there needs to be crackfic about EVERYONE in Camelot and EVERY OTHER SURROUNDING KINGDOM all knowign Merlin's secret-- and Arthur still doesn't catch on...

5. BEING HUMAN season finale tomorrrow! I cannot. Even. Wait. :D :D (even though I have a bad feeling someone's gonna bite it. Pun intended.)
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Yikes. I don't even know where to start. I'm driving 3.5 hours to Columbus tomorrow for my Ohio USDA acreditation seminar (basically so I can write official documents for animals from Ohio). It feels like a day off, even though the whole thing (and then some) is going to be spent driving and listening to lectures.

In other news.

1. Being human: spoilers for US ep 11, UK S1 finale )

2. PSA: Get your puppies and pregnant bitches vaccinated for Parvovirus. Please. I realize I sound like a broken record, but after two in the hospital just this week... I apparently can't say it enough.

3. I wrote my first almost-femmeslash fic this week. I love the pairing and I want to go farther with it. I'm just... inexperienced? (I mean, I've never experienced gay sex, either, but it's easier to imagine? Is that weird?)

4. (confessions of an HGTV addict) The guys on the last episode of Income Property were totally fanboying Mike Holmes. Um? LOVE!

5. I finally got on the queue for an AO3 account. Also signed up for Tumblr although I gotta admit, I don't quite get it... Can anyone explain?

6. I woke up this morning to snow on the ground. Granted, it was gone by late morning but still, so WRONG.

That's all. How are ya?
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Okay, trying again, because apparently my journal couldn't post for a very long time...

Also, last night's episode? EEEEEE!! I can't even believe we only have one more to go. Then SHOW me the fic, fandom!


Title: What the Ocean Can Know of a Body
Author: [ profile] krisomniac
Rating, warning, pairing: PG, spoilers through 1x09, Sally/Emily
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. Characters belong to SyFy and Jeremy Carver, and the title is from The Ocean by Dar Williams
Word count: 2500
Summary: A story about a girl and a ghost, but not really a ghost story.
Author’s Note: Sequel to This Town is a Song About You, kind of AU after 1x06 with reference to later episodes. Thanky to [ profile] ignipes for beta-reading. All mistakes left are mine. To [ profile] gingerberrycat, for also loving this pairing. I have so many ideas for this story arc, but for now, I leave it with a kiss.

Emily kept the key Josh gave her. It’s a promise, a dare, a two-ounce temptation in the back pocket of her favorite jeans. )
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Erm. It took a while. Got distracted by the naked werewolf!belly. But here they are!

33 Episode 10 icons under the cut )
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Title: Walk of Shame
Author: [ profile] krisomniac
Rating, warning, pairing: R for blood, guts, and innuendos. Gen, AidanandJosh, unless you really squint.
Disclaimer: Characters and situations belong to Syfy, Jeremy Carver etc. Not me.
Word count: ~1200
Summary: Josh’s rescue comes, only Aidan knows that in too many ways, he’s already too late.
Author’s Note: Missing scene from 1x10, Dog Eat Dog. Basically, I just wanted to make things a little better? for Josh and Aidan.

A persistent boot against the small of his back drags Josh roughly awake. Consciousness wanders in slowly, swathed in the memories of a nightmare--not a nightmare, he realizes as he comes to. Something that happened. Something he did. )
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[ profile] ignipes is visiting this week! I'm superexcited. Also, I'm frantically cleaning because I am, er, not the tidiest of housekeepers (which is acceptable to me-- especially when on-call-- but not okay with visitor around).

Looking forward to cooking lots of yummy food and hanging out and all kinds of good times. :)

I was chatting with my boss the other day (the husband; it's a husband/wife doctor team), and we were discussing the whole on-call phenomenon, as well as the fact that I recently lost the ability to fall back to sleep after middle-of-the-night emergencies.

He informed me that the gut-twisting feeling every time you wake up to the ring of your cell phone (which I ALWAYS maintain as different from my personal ringtone) never goes away. He's been at it like twenty years, too.


Being Human last night may have been the best episode of the series so far. The scene at the end? (you KNOW the one I'm talking about) Josh's betrayal and Aidan and Sally's joint anguish? Those guys acted the hell out of that scene.
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I WILL be watching the re-broadcast tonight, if nothing else, to watch Aidan tell Josh to take off his clothes and bend over, while Josh is locked in a cage

(FRNGH. That's like my Dream scenario-- if only it was followed by hot boysex rather than, you know, fondling by old white guys and a dehumanizing dogfight, but... details, yo.)

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Well, only half, but I'll kiss you back anyway.


The good: The culture results came back from my boss's horse and, it was never the worst case scenario, never an infection, just a really bad joint flare. Which means a) he's going to be fine and b) it really wasn't my fault, just a reaction to the meds I put in his joint. He's back home tonight. Thank you all again for the support. That may not sound like a huge deal, but it was very traumatic to me. I've given up so much of... life... for this profession, and causing an infection when I am *so careful* shook me to the core.


ANYWAY. In other news, I had this (BHUS) plot bunny today:

Someone leaves a special package on Josh and Aidan's doorstep. It's a baby werewolf (the result of Ray's philandering and an unsuspecting girl who disappeared shortly after giving birth). Josh, Aidan, and Sally decide to raise the babe/werecub. Aidan is an awesome dad. Josh is clueless but feels responsible. Sally is a living (more or less) baby monitor. Hijinks ensue.

I don't know why, but this makes me happy.


With regards to the promo's for next week Spoilers? )


Still haven't decided whether to do the remix this year. I'm loving writing again -- but really because of Being Human and, since we're still such a fringe fandom, I think it unlikely I'll be paired with someone to write in it. Which probably means writing for Supernatural or Harry Potter, and I'd only do the first for an early season and it's been so long since I even thought about the second. Yeah, I want to be involved, but I dunno.



I just started reading this novel: Angelology. Really enjoying it so far


I kind of want to watch some of the old Jack/Ianto Torchwood episodes. :D
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Can you tell I have the weekend off?

Title: A Darker Shade of Night (1/2)
Author: [ profile] krisomniac
Rating, Warning, Pairing: PG, Aidan (BHUS)/Damon (TVD), pseudo-crackfic
Disclaimer: Being Human belongs to Syfy, Jeremy Carver, Toby Whitehouse ect. Not me.
Wordcount: ~1600 so far
Summary: Damon drives over 600 miles to meet someone who might know something about werewolves. He stays for Elena. Really. (Vampire Diaries / Being Human US crossover)
Author’s Note: [ profile] ignipes made me do it. That said, I kind of love these two, who are not only a terrible influence on each other, but may be the only two tall, dark, and mysterious vampires around who can perpetually out-cool one another in my head. You know who needs to be in a March Madness Cage-off? THESE TWO.

Aidan isn’t hard to find; rumors and whispers, warnings of a vampire’s house off the grid, stolen car, fifteen hour drive through torrential rain in Virginia (slush in New Jersey, snow as he heads north) and then there’s the parking in Boston. Yeah, no big deal. )

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