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It's that time of year. If you want to exchange cards (or just want to get one from me) comment with your current address! All comments are screened.
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I had a good day at work today-- another "first" surgery (removing several large stones from the bladder of a yorkie) went really well and evening appointments were sparce enough I could take my time to really talk to all th clients about their pets.

Unfortunately, I work all through Christmas weekend-- someone has to. I celebrated last weekend with my family, which was wonderful, and so I'm treating this like any other normal weekend. To be honest, it feels even less "Christmassy" than the Christmases I worked at the hospital in school. Ah well. Such is the life.


I've kind of been dating someone. :-}

I dunno how I feel about it. I like him. He's perfect for me-- if I had a checklist, he'd be a yes in every column from "PhD" to "foodie" to "athletic" and I'm living in Pennsyl-tucky where there aren't many men who don't carry firearms on them at all times or regularly use (and understand) three-syllable words, approve of Barack Obama, and read Michael Pollan... so he's unique in more ways than one. But, not gonna lie, I don't get particularly weak-in-the-knees around him. I really really want to. Gah! So I have a question for all the thirty-somethings out there:

[Poll #1660182]


Thank you for my lovely Christmas card, [ profile] deirdre_c!


I started to read the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and as sacriligious as it is, I have to admit this is one of the very few instances in which I prefer the TV incarntion to the books. It's not the books' fault; the HBO series has 12 hours to explore each novel, and as fast as the series moves, they can just include *more* than each novel contains. The Tara and Lafayette characters, and even Jason and Sam, are so much more thoroughly addressed in the show. I just... it's *better*.

That said, I think I'm gonna keep reading the series anyway. :D


I think that's all. Happy Christmas Eve Eve, y'all.

Should I?

Dec. 12th, 2010 08:20 am
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I have a (very) important question to ask y'all. Should I go back and catch up on season six Supernatural?

I haven't mostly because five ended just where I was happy to have it end, and I really didn't want to be disappointed...

But now I might have a little time on my hands and I got curious. Hopefully I won't be killing any cats.


In some of this spare time, I've been going back and re-watching Stargate: Atlantis. Man, I did enjoy that series, pseudoscience and all. Hey, can anyone point me in the direction of, er, discerning fic rec comms for it? (Happy to read gen, slash, action, whatever)

Gosh, I'm being demanding.


And finally,

Christmas card writing day! Reply with a screened comment/address if you want a card! (although a few of you whose addresses I have, won't get off regardless :D )


Dec. 26th, 2007 08:46 pm
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54.5 hours in 3.5 days.

No more work until next year~!

I hope everyone had a grand Christmas.

And thank you guys for the cards! I got awesome notes from [ profile] deidre_c (and thank you for the virtual cookie, too!), [ profile] thistlerose, and OMG![ profile] drvsilla - that was the MOST ADORABLE-IST!

Okay, gonna have some wine and getsome rest and go home to join the fam and the dog tomorrow. It's been wierd not having him around, like I keep turning to find my shadow but it's gone.
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Okay. So I'm posting some of the Christmas cards I've sent out. I was experimenting with watercolour really experimenting. I don't do it well, and would very much appreciate any critiques or suggestions for how to use it better.

Also, I'm posting the images separately so that people don't have to look at theirs if, say, it hasn't arrived yet. *cough*

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Many apologies for the spamnation of your flists.

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