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Hey, quick question. My norton antivirus is about to expire, and before I just turn around and re-purchase it, I thought I'd ask to see whether anyone uses better/cheaper alternatives? (it's $40 for the standard and $50 for the internet security pack)
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So my computer died. Again.

This time it was the hard drive that crapped out. I was hoping it was going to be a virus, but had them run hardware diagnostics just in case.

two WEEKS (or three to four, because there's a schmorgusboard of holidays I don't really feel like celebrating in the middle there) to put in a new hard drive.

WHAT THE FUCK, people? It takes less than ten minutes of work to unscrew the cover and pop in a new drive. I know this. I've done it. But to have it paid for, they must send it out to some factory god-knows-where and spend two weeks dicking around with it.

Long story short, I will be online even LESS- only occasionally to check email at school, or if my firend returns the old old Dell I lent her last year.


Take my advice: never, NEVER buy an HP laptop. They may be cheap, but that's really the problem. As my old Irish friend used to say, "when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys." (not that I have a thing against monkeys. Just perpetually broken laptops.)
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Question for the f-list (or if you know anyone who might answer it):

I download my supernatural episodes using BitTorrent, from the Isohunt torrent search engine and play it through my Windows Media Player for Vista. I always get the file just fine, but I suddenly have a huge problem with files that don't register properly through the player-- they will play fine from beginning to end, but I cannot time-skip through the episode, only pause and play. further, if I try to rewind/FF within the ep, it restarts the file.

Here's the really confusing (to me) bit. It only happens if I open the file from the WMP library. If I double click on it through my 'Videos' folder, it opens the file in WMP without a problem and time-stamps it just fine. This is only annoying as I like to have my spn seasons on WMP playlists, and I can't do it with these recent eps.

Totally confused. Anyone seen anything like this or know of a fix?

ETA: I fixed it by 1. getting really fed up and deleting the file. 2. restoring it because I was too lazy to d/l a THIRD copy. 3. Now it runs fine. Go figure.
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You know that brand new computer? The one I was hating on all alast week as I tried to get it set up the way my old one was?

Well, I brought it back to Best Buy yesterday, and the lovely geek squad boy I've been working with took one look, kind of closed it quickly, and said "let's just get you another one."


Does this happen?!?

Can you really burn through a brand new computer in less than a week? (and another brand new one in less than a year) *congratulates self in a rather awkward and ironic fashion*
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Dear Bill Gates & co,

I have always supported, used, and defended your products (even to the hordes of rabid Mac users out there), but I am so SO unimpressed by your newest (two year old) operating system that my unimpressededness is unimpressed.

And by unimpressed, what I really mean is frustrated to the point of throwing this shiny new computer out the window or wiping it clean and teaching myself to use Linux.

I just... XP was awesome. And you had to go fuck with awesome. Why?

I'm not talking about your lack of drivers to support my current hardware. I'm not talking about Vista's lack of recognition of my new hardware. This new o/s doesn't even play happily WITH YOUR OWN PRODUCTS. So far, I've had internet explorer bugs at every turn. I've had incompatibility issues with Powerpoint.

I don't even like the new icon!menus. What the fuck was wrong with words? It's sad when it takes a fairly computer literate person ten minutes to figure out where on your unintuitive graphics-only interface to click to save a damn document. This is one reason I've always hated the Mac interface, and you had to go rip it off in an effort to put flashy design ahead of the functionality that's always been the strongest thing you did. Excellent.

That is all. I hope Windows Vista rots in hell (though I'm invested in your stock, so I hope that doesn't tank until I get out).

Have a nice day.

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Made it back from vacation in one piece (twenty hours of air and airports and ferries and thunderstorm-driving at three in the morning was not quite as fun as the rest of the week) and now I'm on two weeks of large animal emergency and critical care. It's awesome but really long hours. I'd post pictures if I had them, or if I had a computer to post them from, which brings me to--

My computer died on Monday. This is not of the good; it's a 20month old machine that I don't even move around on a regular basis. It's never been dropped or spilled on, though it's seen more than it's fair share of pet hair. Mostly it just lives on my bedside table, yet it's been no end of trouble -- first the screen casing split now the screen/hard drive/mother board kicked it. It's out of warrantee, too, which has made it really fun to deal with Hewlett Packard. Seriously, don't buy HP or if you do, make sure it's covered for the entire time you plan to own the machine.

After talking to four service reps who had only a passing grasp of the English language, I finally learned that to talk to someone who knows anything, I had to pay $100. I told them I just wanted the hardware warantee extension, not the phone support. Turns out you can't buy one without the other. Coughed up the money and the technical support guy ended up telling me to take the machine to Best Buy (or pay a further $500 plus parts to have HP fix it). That was $100 well spent -- NOT.

I took it to Best Buy where they initially told me it was the power to the screen, as I suspected all along (when I can get the screen to turn on, the computer works just fine). The following day, after I started shopping for new laptop screens, they call to tell me the hard drive is shot. I don't know what happened between day one and two, and no one would tell me what the "PC test" which killed my hard drive was. They won't tell my whether it's a hardware or OS/software/driver issue. They just told me to get a new drive and OS, and then they'll know whether the mother board is shot, too.

I already had the drive and brought it in. They have nothing to recover my operating system. HP no longer sends recovery disks with new laptops -- they keep that information on a hard drive partition that you can't get to if you loose the drive and operating system. Furthermore, if you didn't have the presence of mind to burn your own disks when you got the machine, they CHARGE you to replace them. WHAT THE FUCK, HP?!

Needless to say I am NOT a happy camper, and on 12 hours sleep in the last four days, I migh've been cursing a blue streak and in tears on the phone with various people in India who didn't even appreciate my pathetic attempts at sarcasm.

So, yeah. I apologise for not commenting lately. Hopefully all will be back to normal over the next week. :) *fingers crossed*

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