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OMg, maybe it's the exams talking, but I am still giggling after several rounds of the awesomely brilliant story/game by [ profile] gray_light and [ profile] dea_liberty.

The Supernatural Choose Your Own Mary Sue Adventures: Sue You

Go. Play. Enjoy.

I am back to studying Ophtho.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] lyra_wing You make this fandom such cracked out fun. Seriously, kid, you're one in a million.

Also, The Black Donnellys premiere and new Heroes are on tonight, Lyra's birthday. Coincidence? I think not. I think it rather one more bit of proof that she's part of a secret universal conspiracy to spread the bro-loving. :D


Now for the rec: If you haven't read [ profile] lyra_wing's story Emeralds and Poppies, you haven't lived. And I say this with the authority of one who has. Several times.

It's a Supernatural, Jo-centric, Wizard of Oz crossover with Wincesty overtones, and to call it crack would both be utterly true and the greatest understatement since my grandmother called chocolate 'okay'.

Like all good crackfic, it's inspired by the gods of mischief and keeps you laughing the whole way through. But it's true to the characters and a brilliant look at Jo post-Born Under a Bad Sign (spoilers through that episode).

I can't recommend this story enough. The way the dream is not-a-dream and the two stories are woven together is mind-boggling in it's brilliance. I also, thanks to her, have discovered a little kink for only-not-really-heartless!Dean made out of tin.

Read it NOW!
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Just look what fandom does...

Title: Too Big for This World
Author: I don't even know myself.
Rating, Warning, Wordcount: Aw, heck. See previous post. ~900 words
Summary, A/N: Sam has occasion to recall his brief yet blissful time as a mythical, white stallion. This is really, truly, entirely [ profile] ignipies' fault.

The gigantic horse snorts, and Sam can feel the curtains flutter under its warm breath. )

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