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So many things.

1) The puppy I was fostering has been claimed by her original owners (the ones arrested, presumably on a drug charge, given where I live) and so I have to give her up again. Not sure how I feel about this.

2) Can't wait to see this week's Doctor Who. I was away the night it aired. But reading some fanfic-- and this is one of those things about fandom-- made me fall in love with the characters despite the frequent idiocies of the script itself, all over again. I really like this doctor, along with Amy and Rory, and I forget that sometimes. And I guess that seeing it through other fans' lenses is part of what makes fandom so great.

3) Been rereading A Madness of Angels in preparation to read the third book of the series The Neon Court, and I remember just how much I enjoyed Matthew Swift, too. It's basically a Love This Fictional Character week for me.

4) Decapitated a horse today (after it was already dead by my hand, of course). That was awkward. I suspect it had tetanus, but without a valid rabies vaccination (and given that rabies causes neurological disease not entirely unlike tetanus ANd that the there were about half a dozen human exposures if it was rabid), I had to submit the head to the state deptartment of ag for rabies testing. So, yes, "Hi, I have to euthanize your horse and cut off it's head in your yard. Sorry about the mess."

Luckily the student riding with me today was a good sport about the whole thing (being exposed to a possible rabies suspect as well as cutting off its head), so I took her out for ice cream afterwards. What? It was like ninety degrees out, and decapitation is hard work!

Moral of the story: VACCINATE, PLEASE! (for tetanus as well as rabies)

5) I really want to finish my Being Human/Inception crossover (see point #2)

6) Planted my little corner of the gardens in the backyard today. My landlord has plans for the other two big plots. But In mine, the tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and various herbs are already thriving. yay! (the peas never sprouted, the lettuce is mad about the weather, and the broccoli is coming along slowly. I was late planting the garlic and onion.)

7) Officially in-training for the next half-marathon in September. I meant to run today, but it was already pushing ninety by seven this morning. I think tomorrow will be a little more temperate.

8) Went on a 12 mile bike ride yesterday with a buddy who cycles 30 miles (in an hour) just for fun. I was totally outclassed, but it was fun all the same.

9) Been looking through pictures that people on our boat took during my vacation last month. Gosh, it's nice to relive. Scuba diving is a brilliant sport!

I think that's all. Hope everyone's having nice day!
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If none of the many fandoms who have their own shiny werewolves do anything about this news, I may lose my faith in fangirls... ;)

Sadly, I have had multiple calls on emergency that start something like: "Someone shot my dog. It's leg is falling off." The reality can be anything from a small abscess opening to a pulverized limb hanging by a bit of skin. Last night was the second kind. I finish the amputation this morning, provided she did well overnight.

*Glares at NRA*

*worries that I live in a place where people do not only wave guns around threateningly, they USE them. On. Their. Neighbors'. Pets.*

I can't even remember what this bullet was supposed to be.
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As of when I woke up this morning, the [ profile] fandom_counts count had reached more than 23,500.

If you ever thought you were alone or were treated as being on the fringe, well, just know it's a big fringe out there.

And it makes me glad that something which, in actuality only affected a few members of the greater community, brought the rest of you to stand together like this. (Even if it was a little crazy *g*)

That is all.

(oh, and on the off chance you haven't seen, there is finally an official response at )
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I think a fair bit of my f-list could use a hug today *hug* and a reminder that y'all are such a fun and talented group of people that keep me entertained through the darkest times and write stories that TAKE me places, draw, discuss, and generally squee like no others. You've given me trees and anonyous gifts when I'm down. You've celebrated when i'm up.

I love you guys.

I love you for what you do and who you are, and I think I don't say it out loud often enough, but at the risk of being as cheesy as a summer blockbuster, I'm so glad you're all here.


(and speaking of love, it's the last day to sign up for [ profile] spn_summerlove today, the most gleefully free-for-all Winchester writing challenge to get us through another one of the long months ahead. And now, your prompts can include the FINALE canon! Whee!!)


Feb. 9th, 2007 07:36 am
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Guys, I still haven't recovered from the complete and total awsomeness of the episode last night. Seriousy. If that's just number fourteen, I can't even fathom what the finale has in store for us.

But a few things in the meanwhile.

1. WELCOME to everyone from the friendign frienzy. The post of our fabulous fandom has unfortunately crashed my browser every single time I try to introduce myself or reply to someone's comment, but I do see you!! Drop a line here, and let's get this party started! (I'll be done with class and work in like eleven hours.)

2. I'm working T-shirt sales this afternoon. Anyone want uni-wear? [ profile] hija_paloma?

3. Oh, boys

Cut for the benefit of any poor, deprived souls who have yet to see.... that's ditry )
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Last night, I went to my second university Hockey game (and the capitalization of the word Hockey, in this town, is not accidental).

It was like a mass cult gathering.

They chant cheers I don't know at certain minutes in play. They burst spontaneously into song. They have cheers to heckle the opposing team's goalie. They have nicknames for the players whose age/history/stats they recall at a moment's notice. They all know to bring toothpaste to throw on the ice at the Colgate game, dead fish for Harvard. They give up every Friday and Saturday night that the team plays at home. They record games.

It's like fandom on ice.

I suddenly felt less inclined to listen to any local sportsfan who says anything derogatory about this particular girl's obsession with a particular TV show.

Ah, inner peace and pretty boys.

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