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First run since the race, and I felt pretty good. I'm jonesing to sign up for another one. Preferably in NYC--the big one in January is closed for registration, though. :(


Does anyone use those barefoot running shoes? I know it's just a big fad, but I'm kind of curious to try it. Recommendations for different brands? How to get started training in them? Whether it's worth it when I go on muddy trails (which is more than half the time)?


The guy I was kind of into clearly did not feel the same about me. Ah well. Back to the drawing board (aka


Glee last night was... I wasn't overly impressed; not with the story, the songs, anything really. I'm glad it's back, and I'm hoping for another great season. We shall see.


I think that's all. Not on-call tonight. Whee!

You know what I miss? Vampire shows. I'm gonna catch up on Vampire Diaries and wish it was time for the new Being Human season. Maybe read/write some fic.
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First, Glee.

I wasn't loving this episode at first. Gwyneth was a little over the top (Okay, she was in her first appearance, too, but still), Kurt's sexy faces hurt to watch, the songs were pretty much so-so. But then the second half totally fixed itself. I loved Blaine's talk with Burt, Burt's with Kurt. I still kinda want Emma and Shuster to end up together, but I'm glad he's with someone he enjoys for right now (and they must have an awesome budget to get her as a recurring character). The prince 'Kiss' tango was pretty hot. And Santana coming out of the closet was a good thing, I think. I'd like her to be happy. She's really grown as a character over the course of the show (whereas Rachel has really regressed. We'll see what happens with that). Oh, I also really like Quinn's new haircut. LOVE it, really. And Puckerman with Zeist? FAB!


Then back to BH.

I've rewatched that last scene, and while I still don't melt quite the way I did with the UK one, it fits the characters and show. I love the bonding between Sally and Josh's that's been so slow to come, even if it dissolves a little bit into a competition to see who has it worse. I love that Josh doesn't wallow too long before turning the conversation to Nora. For all the angsting he does, I think they really try not to throw him into a good wallow. And once again, you get a little more of a hint of how Aidan and Josh are really there to look out for each other-- even in a screwed up sort of friendship.

Also, while I'm not generally a fan of CG werewolves, I thought this one was a lot cooler than expected.
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I would consider this to be a productive day, especially considering that 1) it started with cleaning up dog dookie and 2) it's only day 2 off-call (the first is always a wash, the second usually so)

On the list of things accomplished:
- taxes filed
- electric bill paid
- appointments, daytime emergencies, and backlog of charts finished at work
- cross-country skiing after work
- seizure/toxin of unknown origin puppy almost ready to go home
- grocery shopping done, gas in the car (at $1.80/gallon, Go Feulperks!)
- cooked diner (thai curry) from scratch

Okay, so the phone I'd had for the last two-odd years committed death by washing machine. I'd been debating renewing my contract because of Verizon's data plan requirement with any* new phone. So, like a good little consumer, I caved and bought a smart phone (the Droid Incredible).

Maybe it was the adorable (and very married) salesman, but I'm really excited about it. Go figure. :D


ANYWAY, the point is; those of you whose numbers I had (you know who you are) or who just want to show up on my now-vacant contact list, I NEED your info again.

If you could email it to so I can put it in my google contacts and automatically import it into the phone (yep. It really is smart), I would be ever so much obliged. *bats eyelashes*


In other news, Glee tonight was AWESOMESAUCE!

All I could think, when Kurt challenged his dad to 'do his research', was that if I had a gay child, all those years of reading slashfic would totally pay off. :D
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Been up and in the stall around the clock with a horse bitten by a very large, very angry, just out of hibernation rattlesnake. I do not recommend (getting bitten, that is). He looked rather more like a hippopotamus than a horse at the worst, required a thracheostomy tube, repeatedly feinted (on top of whomever happened to be working with him) when stressed, and nearly bled to death. But he's looking better today.

In other news, Glee is my happy place these days. I need icons. The Power of Madonna Episode? Just rocked.

Also, head colds suck when you don't have nights or days off to recover.

Also, screw it. Today, I'm taking lunch.

5.5 weeks to go.

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