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So I ended up signing up for [ profile] getyourwordsout. I don't know, yet, if this is a good idea. I've had the worst time recently starting, continuing, or even really writing anything.

To clear the air, I've decided to post the beginning of a story that's been dogging me for months because I can't figure out where I want to go with it (and the answer is probably; nowhere) and I want to put it behind me to start something else.

Imagine a Road - 950 words )

And the only other part I can stand.- 450 words )

So there's my dirty laundry. Er. :/
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I haven't been writing much anything lately, so I decided to go back to this post and give those ideas you guys had a whirl.

For [ profile] sasha_davidnova, Voldemort and Aziraphale
(she never specified the form of Voldemort at the time, though.)

Excuse me, pardon. )

For [ profile] ignipies, Sandman's Death and Discworld's Death

Two deaths walk into a bar. )
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Title: Crowley
Artist: [ profile] krislaughs
Character(s): Crowley from "Good Omens"

Media: Model from Getty images, Pencil, paper, coloured in Photoshop CS
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Challenge: just a pic bunny

Artist notes: Dedicated to [ profile] thistlerose for her computer that was not covered for Act of God OR Cat. Clearly warranties were invented by Crowley's side. Many thanks to both of you who ([ profile] penm and Lacy) answered my questions yesterday. :)

Full pic behind the cut )

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