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1. You know what's an AWESOME movie (if you're not epileptic)? SPEED RACER is. Why did no one tell me this? I wanted to see it when it came out in the theaters, and it took me until yesterday to get it on Netflix, and OMG! It's shiny and fast, implausible, cheesy as hell and makes no excuses. It has the catchy theme song (Go Speed Racer) and the catchy theme (one guy against the MAN) and the kid from The Kids are Alright is in it, and and and... I want to watch it again!!

2. I am so inordinately amused by Tina Fey. Almost as much as I am by Sarah Palin. Less by the government in general (although I might've laughed out loud when I read the news this afternoon).

3. You know what else is awesome? SGA is. I finally got to watching First Contact after the furor of the debate died down, and it was GREAT. By far the best episode of the season, reminded me why I got hooked on the stargate verse in the beginning-- except now I have to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS to see what happened!

4. I just discovered the best easy curry dinner EVER. It's Spaa natural foods. You heat the packet of curry and rice in the microwave while sautée-ing some fresh veggies (pre-cut mushrooms, broccoli, and green onion) and tofu, throw it all together, and PRESTO. Awesome Thai curry in less than ten minutes.

4a. I made chipotle apples for a pot luck dinner on Saturday, and they were a surprisingly big hit. Easy, too. Basically, you sautée thinly sliced apples with brown sugar, cinnamon, a little oil, and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (to taste) until it's one sweet and spicy mess.

5. The title for the last Spn ep? STILL cracks me up. I am conflicted about whether I will watch the VP debate (which should be hilarious) and DVR this week's episode. Or vice versa.
I'm highly amused that of all the major networks, only CW doesn't suspend programming for the presidential debate series-- although it was funnier when the choice was Obama-McCain or Friday Night Smackdown...

6. HEROES! PETER! SYLAR! MICAH! What can I say?? I'm not even going to speculate.

(7. Gosh, it looks like I'm watching a lot of TV this week.)
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I was trying and trying to figure out where I'd seen Heroes 2x01, 2x02 spoiler ) before, and then it hit me. He's spoilers? eh, who knows. ) from Supernatural!

That makes me happy.

In other news: That episode? @#$%#@$%@#^%^& OMg, I forgot how hard it was sometimes to watch this series with ads and week-long breaks between episodes.
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Title: Guests of the Dandelion Field
Author: [ profile] krisomniac
Rating, Warning, Pairings: G/PG, Petrelli schmoop, none
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's note: Just a little coda to Heroes 1x23 How to Stop an Exploding Man. SPOILERS. I've never written in this fandom before, go figure. 750 words.
Summary: Two strange men make a strange appearance in a strange field in the country. Strangely.

The girl wanders through the tall grass, swinging her brother's fire engine among the flowering heads of dandelions and sending fine silver seeds into the air. )

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