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Last Day of the internship, you guys! In 24 hours I will be on a plane somewhere over Colorado or Arizona.

But never let it be said that because it's my last weekend of hospital duty, I ever slacked off. I've had a foal (filly) in the hospital all weekend with some of the most terrific, arcing, curdled-milk, fountain-like diarrhea. Unfortunately, her owner needs to bring her home today and she is far from cured (although she's much happier on treatment-- despite her diarrhea, than the half-dead raisin-looking horse she came in as). It's not a case I feel good about sending home; I give her 50/50, and would've given her 80+ percent chance of making it with continued hospitalization, but I guess that's just the way the world works.

The movers came to my old place in NY to get my furniture yesterday-- and charged me $700 MORE than the estimate to move. Suffice to say that I got hosed and am not happy. However, everyone I talk to says that's what movers do: screw you. And I had just better take it up the bum and smile. (And put a 'stop payment' on my credit card after the furniture is delivered)

I hope I can become a real person soon. I've been running on such high octane stress for so long, I don't even know how to unwind anymore. I actually got upset with my mother for buying a mop for my new house because I couldn't be there to set it up this weekend. *facepalm* We shall see.

Long and short; moving 3000 miles with exactly 20 hours off of work between jobs (and no weekends off work) = VERY BAD IDEA. I do not recommend. Luckily my family have been stars in helping do all the stuff I don't have time for (like driving those 3000 miles with my car and dog) but even the fact that they have to renews the frustration and out-of-control-ness of the move.

I hate being out of control.

I hate not being able to do everything myself.

It's almost over.

I just read Better by Atul Gawande between treatments and emergencies this weekend. Very enlightening book. It's interesting to see how many of the issues facing human doctors are the same facing us as veterinarians. I guess his whole message on getting through your internship/residency helped to put things in perspective for me (although our salaries once we're done are nothing compared to human doctors). And his take home message on not complaining is definitely one I need to take to heart (as is the advice to always keep writing). All in all: good book, very well-written, that I DO recommend.

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend.
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I finally watched on the same night it aired! )

~And let's not forget Thursday's OTHER emo brothers: The Vampire Diaries )


In other news, I had another sit-down with my boss. This one left me feeling a lot better about stuff. It was much less: this is your problem, too. And much more: I guess your internmate really *does* have a problem. Sadly, he said we were going to go down in the record books as the civil war of interns. As someone who pretty much gets along with (or can be professional towards) just about everyone, this is not exactly how I want to be remembered. But oh well. Seventeen more days and thirteen more overnight shifts.


May. 8th, 2010 10:26 am
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So I almost quit yesterday. With just three weeks to go, it seemed easier.

The internmate from hell has now taken to:
1. Re-writing my treatment orders on patients he's never even looked at without coming to speak to me about it first. This is one of the heights of disrespect amongst colleagues.

2. Looking at cases and going over my head to supervisors, never telling me what they said, and then getting me in trouble for not doing what they said the following day.

Seriously, what IS this shit?

I have never done anything to wrong him. Though I would at this point if the opportunity presented itself. This is so unprofessional I can't even BEGIN to describe it.

Long story short, I didn't quit-- only because my boss didn't have time to speak to me during the day. I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad one.


Twenty-three days left in this place. And then I bid Cali-stupid-fornia good riddance. Haven't seen the new spn or vampire diaries. :( Maybe today when they finish downloading. Work isn't chaotic (yet), but it is the sort of day when, for every twenty minutes I get to spend doing my own thing, I get called out to the clinic for some minor thing or another.


In pleasanter news, the 200 mile relay last weekend was AWESOME!! I want to do another, like NOW! (that my thighs have recovered). I was not in particularly good shape for my easy 18 miles, and the last four hurt like hell, but having a whole team there cheering you on makes such a difference. And the countryside (Napa valley rolling hills to Santa Cruz mountains) was tremendous. Pictures to come.
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First, the Kentucky Oaks runs today. Blind Luck seems to be the general favorite. Personally, I like Jody Slew and Quiet Temper. One more hour 'til we have a winner!

And if today is the Oaks... tomorrow is DERBY DAY! My picks? Dean's Kitten for... uh... obvious reasons. Also, I like the way Line of David runs (we'll see how he handles a wetter track), Paddy O'Prado, and I think Conveyance might have some tricks up his sleeve. Top picks are Lookin at Lucky, who hasn't raced much back east and Awesome Act. We shall see!

Sadly, I won't be drinking mint juleps because, happily, I'll be running my own race tomorrow! It's the 200 mile, 12-person, 30-hour relay from Napa valley to Santa Cruz. Here's hoping I trained enough through head colds and overnight shifts...

In other news )

Anyway, enough of the brain-dump. Have a good one, duckies! Let me know who you pick to win!
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And I'm finally off nights.

Every time Justin walks into a room and full ignores me, I start to go to the bad place.

UGH. Five more weeks and I'm out of this hellhole.

In other news, I finally saw last week's Supernatural and )
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Been up and in the stall around the clock with a horse bitten by a very large, very angry, just out of hibernation rattlesnake. I do not recommend (getting bitten, that is). He looked rather more like a hippopotamus than a horse at the worst, required a thracheostomy tube, repeatedly feinted (on top of whomever happened to be working with him) when stressed, and nearly bled to death. But he's looking better today.

In other news, Glee is my happy place these days. I need icons. The Power of Madonna Episode? Just rocked.

Also, head colds suck when you don't have nights or days off to recover.

Also, screw it. Today, I'm taking lunch.

5.5 weeks to go.
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gakked from [ profile] girlmostlikely because I'm two glasses of wine deep, haven't finished my project for the night, and what the hell. haven't done one of these in a looong while )

I think I'm gonna post pictures of this project. Mostly for input if anyone feels like dispensing advice.
especially regarding arrangements )
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Pop culture update:

Clash of the Titans Not entirely sure what I'd be spoiling but... )

Supernatural more spoilers )

Real life update:

Today was a really good day. I spent it sight-seeing because, now that my departure date is set and tickets purchased (nonrefundable), it seems important to do all the things I always meant to while I was living in California. I only have one more weekend or so between now and then to do it all, too. Spent the morning finishing veterinary license applications, then went to see the mission in San Juan Bautista, went for a run, finished knitting this sweater and all but the sleeves on this dress, and rounded out the evening photographing sunset over the pacific. (I'd post pics but am feeling lazy. Just imagine waves, wildflowers, and sun.) Then ate yummy dinner a la Whole Foods and watched Star Trek Reboot for the umpteenth time. Good times, man.

Bring on Easter!
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We had a client who was supposed to come in today for us to do the paperwork (health certificates and blood tests) to ship two yearlings to Mexico. He couldn't make it in until after hours, but one of the technicians and I agreed to do the work anyway.

Of course the thoroughbred/mule colt was totally unbroke.

Of course I decided to sedate him too lightly and try to draw blood in a stall after we had already pissed him off with four failed attempts and one near-miss striking my technician in the chest.

Of course the bloody colt struck me in the chin on the next attempt.

The spot he kicked me will be a little bruised and swollen. What worries me is the fact it kills to clench my jaw or open my mouth all the way (I know, there goes my social life. *g*) I just hope he didn't do anything to my TMJ's.

Anyway, soup for dinner, and next time I'll know not to let owners talk me into unsafe situations with their horses. Use lots of drugs. Truss up unbroke colts; if the owners think that's too harsh, they should train their animals before endagering their veterinarians.

PS. The soup? Butternut squash and crab bisque from Whole Foods might just be th best soup in the entire universe.
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The job hunt still sucks, but I've got a few more tenuous leads (who may or may not call back). I'm keeping a journal which pretty much reads: blah blah. the depressing stuff )

That said, it was a good weekend.

We had Horseman's Day on Saturday, which was an event put on for our clients, about 100 of whom came. I gave a lecture along with most of my colleagues, and it was a huge success. I had no idea I liked public speaking so much, but the audience was into it and I was into it, and it was really a blast. Even our Pfizer rep said I had a gift (I almost asked her if she wanted to employ me on the veterinary lecture circuit, but you generally need a few more years' experience to get hired by big pharma). Anyway, it was good.

I also signed up with my cousin's group of friends for a 12 person, 200 mile relay race from Napa valley to Santa Cruz. Turns out I need the threat of several hundred miles to get me running again. I don't know if I am more happy when I'm running/active or if I become more active when I'm happier, but the two do seem to go hand in hand.

I read the first Percy Jackson and the Olympians book this morning. Definitely cute. Made me miss NYC.

Still haven't seen the last episode of Supernatural. *hides* But then, it's something to look forward to tonight! (if it's good? Did you guys enjoy?)

I'm even facing my internmate with greater equanimity.

Hopefully this trend continues. How's everyone's week?
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Completely missed valentines day there, but I hope you all that a good one and are recovered sufficiently.

Thank you, [ profile] one_2_3_4 for the v-gift! Totally brightened an otherwise chaotic day. I didn't stop working, sit down, or eat (except, I did stop once to pee and feed my pets) from 6am til midnight as emergencies just kept pouring in and, after five nights of no more than 4 consecutive hours' sleep-- it wasn't easy. Finally finished the last emergency surgery, recovered the horse, and let the students take the rest of the overnight treatments. And to think, this is the slow time of year... *going to be dead come april*

Anywho, just have to make it through today and this evening I can actually have dinner followed by SLEEP!
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Wow, what a whirlwind three days. First, the amazing [ profile] ignipies came down to visit which was ten kinds of awesome-- partly because I got a whole day off, partly because I saw more of the area I live in than I ever do when alone, partly because we tasted good wine and had whole vineyards to ourselves, partly because she makes awesome pancakes (even though I ran out of milk), my cats adore her, and we can crack jokes about Vulcan sex all night long-- and then we spent the next morning driving the pacific coast highway.

cut for pix of waves and dogs )

Then, after seeing her off, it was a rather endless day. I had to after-midnight emergencies come into the clinic, one of whom survived but left me with about two non-consecutive hours' sleep. The following morning was such a madhouse-- we had one vet's dog get into some poison, four vets working on hospital cases and field emergencies (mine did not make it-- a theme of the weekend), and a former vet's memorial service for his wife brought 200+ people to the property next door. Finally, after discharging two patients, I got a full ten hours' sleep, only broken by 2am treatments. It was grand.

I hope all you all are having a good weekend.


In other news, I've resolved to be more in touch, be more into fannish squee and creative pursuits, and generally be a more active person. Recently, I've been letting problems at work (which IS my life) take me away from enjoying life, and I really really want to make that stop. So here's to you!
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At least so far.

On the other hand, rather than just blaming Justin for everything that's wrong, I've tried to pinpoint it better. (mostly on Dei's journal :P )

The problem I'm having is that after giving up four years, any kind of love or social life, and driving myself over $100k into debt to become a veterinarian, I'm not actually getting to practice any medicine! Mostly I hang out watching other people (including Justin) work and clean up after them when they're done. Occasionally, if no owners are watching, I get to state my opinion about something or poke a needle in something. It feels horrible being the one (not even my internmate is treated this way-- and that's where he comes in) your co-workers are practically embarrassed about allowing to work, and that feeling is driving all the confidence I had into the shitter.

Screw that. I hate internships. I am a good fucking vet with less experience than the others. That's all.

If this is the way I get treated by horse docs, I'm even considering bagging it to go work on small animals, where I will make lots more money, work fewer hours, and get more autonomy, even though I really don't enjoy them nearly as much. Gah. I dunno. But right now, eight more months of being the practice bitch seems like way too much to survive.
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OMG, two more days of night treatments and on-call. Over the last almost-two weeks I've seen:

- Four colicking horses, none of which had surgery as an option, one of which survived. (Those were long, depressing nights, for the most part. I encourage all horse-owners out there to buy insurance for colic surgery! It's not that expensive, compared to the procedure, and you never know when you're going to need it.)
- Two lacerations: one ripped-open shoulder, one torn-off nostril
- One horse that got caught in a cattle guard
- One street nail (horse steps on nail, nail drives bacteria to very sensitive structures inside the foot, horse requires immediate surgery)
- One case of enteroliths (cantaloupe-sized stones in the gut)
- One neck surgery, doing well.
- Other various and sundry

Went to the CA Rodeo going on nearby. It was an experience. Sadly, I got called out in the middle of it, didn't have my car, had to borrow a huge truck, usually driven by a very tall man, with a driver's seat that wouldn't move forward, got lost twice on the way back to the clinic, arrived several minutes *after* the emergency, and decided I'm never leaving the premises while on-call again.

Rope burned most of my first two fingers while helping to recover a horse from surgery. Must wear gloves next time.

I like being on hospital duty-- except for the all-night treatments and the fact I can't go running. But you take the good with the sleepless, yeah? Oh, I also miss wine.

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