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So... A little late, but can I venture that I'm so not a fan of the LJ comment-page redesign?

What's up with that? Is it going to to back? And is that why the mass-exodus to Dreamwidth?

Is it worth porting everything to DW? Thoughts?
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Bought back into a paid account after my boycott for LJ turning off my account about five minutes after notification that my credit card required updating...

Really the feature I missed most was editing comments.
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So when I moved, I did remember to change my address with the credit card companies, however I did not remember to change it with my LJ recurring payments.

About two hours after the payment didn't go through, they sent me notification they were suspending the account. Two hours in the middle of the night. Not even 24 hours for me to resolve the issue.

I realize it doesn't change much; I don't use many of the paid features anyway. But I'm a little pissed on principle. Anyone know much about coding and setting up an account with Dreamwidth? I already have the account, just haven't done anything with it. (I know I said I wouldn't go over there, but now I'm salty)
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housekeeping thingies.

1. ALMOST DONE. I've been in total and complete denial that my California board examination is on Friday, that I have to fly out there tomorrow to take it, and that I'm as far behind as I am in studying for it. I've been in such denial that I forgot to tell my aunt (who I'm staying with) when I was coming. *facepalm*

Sometime during all this, I have to finish the presentation I'm making to what feels like the entire school next week and get it to my advisor by Friday. I thought I had more time than this...

This goes on record as one of the stupider weeks of my life.

2. On the other hand, New York was fantastic last weekend. I had such a great time meeting and karaoke-ing with all you gals!

3. Umm... what's with the defection to Dreamwidth? Is LJ no good anymore? Because, honestly, I don't think I handle either making a whole new journal or losing everyone I know through this one. *sadface*

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