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More thinky thoughts later, but for now spoilers ahead )
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Our show is so back.


4. er, I know I had more to say, but for now I'm just a grinning fool. HI BOYS, WELCOME BACK!

Does that make me Pokey?
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Holy Jesus in red stilettos, next season is going to be FANTASTIC. Krip, you just keep BRINGING it!

totally incoherent spoilers behind the cut )
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In Ithaca, it is once again below freezing and has been snowing for the past two days. I'm so glad I'm not there. )


I was able to get the new episode of Supernatural and BZUH OMG!

spoilers )


And now, for a very important poll. Of boys and bulls )

It's a pub crawl tonight, more lectures tomorrow, formal event and awards at the museum tomorrow night, drive back to the icy wastelands of home tomorrow. Can I just stay here until summer? Please?
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How can one show leave me in near hysterics and near tears all within minutes of each other?


I found the filming of this episode much... grittier and choppier than usual, an effect that worked very well much of the time but was occasionally overkill.

And Next week? preview spoilers ) Is it here yet?

PS, Anyone want to rewatch Saturday night?
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spoilers )

But most of all, I have no words for how much this show owns me and how much I NEED to see that episode again. And next week? spoilers ) *dies of the love*

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