Merlin 4x10

Jan. 4th, 2012 11:35 pm
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All I have to say is, (and this isn't spoilery, because it's nothing we didn't know from episode one) )

You could replace the word 'training' in that sentence with 'big gay knights-of-the-round-table orgy' and achieve the same effect, the way he says it, like sex on a stick. ummm, yeah.

and also )
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I don't even know what counts as spoilers for this one, but I've only seen through 4x09, and so that's all I'll mention here ).

And that's all I have to say about that. Will probably catch the rest sometime later this weekend, in which I have blissfully little planned. *can't wait*
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Ummm, count me in for being clueless as to when it started.

I mean, I could wait until NEXT YEAR for it to air on Syfy, but in the meantime, does anyone know where a fangirl could find d/l links?

pretty pretty please?

I mean, not that I'm really really holding my breath that Arthur will FINALLY figure shit out this season, but... yeah... A girl can hope.
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1. I feel like yesterday didn't even exist in any ordinary time. I woke up to my batphone ringing, pulled the biggest, rottenest bull calf (with help, and my shoulders will never be the same) and didn't stop moving (except to shower some of the ickiness off) until about nine that night. At which point I fell asleep, and woke up this morning half convinced yesterday didn't really happen at all.

2. I just set my desktop wallpaper to this one from National Geographic (I'm sure I'm the last person in the world to discover their galleries, but I'm glad I did), and I am so enamoured of it. I just can't stop staring...

3. A client gave me some eggs from his backyard flock the other day, and my omlette this morning was YUM.

4. Saw the seson finale of Merlin Friday night with [ profile] ignipes and I just... NEED Merlin to spill the beans. But apparently that is never going to happen in the show. In fact, there needs to be crackfic about EVERYONE in Camelot and EVERY OTHER SURROUNDING KINGDOM all knowign Merlin's secret-- and Arthur still doesn't catch on...

5. BEING HUMAN season finale tomorrrow! I cannot. Even. Wait. :D :D (even though I have a bad feeling someone's gonna bite it. Pun intended.)

TV time

Nov. 14th, 2009 07:56 pm
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So things have been slow the last two weeks at work which means, of course, that I have been hard at work catching up on TV. And I've discovered something: I really like crime dramas!

Leverage ZOMG, total favorite, smart and caught me by surprise more than once. When will it be back?

Bones Is it me, or are they dressing and shooting Emily Deschanel like she's pregnant this year (baggy dresses, mostly shown boobs and up)? I can't, however find anything about it on the trusty google search.

Castle Not only is it awesome to see Mal as a crime-solving-mystery-writer (even if it's all pretty formulaic), but it's my favorite show to watch when I get homesick for New York.

White Collar Also good for when I'm jonesing for home. The pilot is still my favorite episode, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless.

In non-crime TV, Supernatural and Merlin are still my favoritest, although the whole 'laugh at the audience' thing on spn is getting about as old as the 'dumb Merlin' jokes on Merlin.

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