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Stupid question, but... If, in the comicverse, Alex is Scott's younger brother, but in the movies, Scott is a generation younger than Alex, not to mention the fact Moira was supposed to know about an even younger Summers brother:

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First: HI! It's been a hellacious couple of weeks, but that all ends tomorrow at midnight (or one or two). Almost there.

Second: After this post which... I just had to put out there after stuff I've seen this week. I plan to finish some paperwork from school, check email, check the flist, then if I have any awake left in me at all, write and watch some Arrested Development (OMG, so painfully funny) before bed.

Third (The real point of this post):

So, I've been on emergency service for the past two weeks and of all the cases I've taken and all the owners I've spoken to, I can count on one hand the number who use flea and tick preventatives on their pets (mostly talking about dogs here). I've also seen more fleas (and they are really REALLY gross, guys, this coming from someone who has no qualms sticking her arm up a cow's rear end) crawling around on people's beloved animals than I ever thought I would in my life. I have NEVER seen a flea on any of my pets. So it's just been a surprise. Or maybe I've been really sheltered.

What I'm wondering about (and I know LJ is a limited and biased sampling population) is what YOU all do or think about regarding flea and tick control. Because I'm curious. That's all.

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Don't get me wrong; I don't think every pet needs to be on these products at all. I'm just curious what people think about them.

That is all. Goodnight.
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Ohhh, so you know how I might've mentioned once or twice that I was Jonesing for a kitten?

Well... )

Kitties make everything better. Oh, and (shh) I introduced him to Phoebe; she didn't hiss once! In fact, she didn't even mind playing with him! It's a sign.

Now the million dollar question is:
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Working on my spring LJ layout, so apologies for the half-finished-ness, and any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

In the meanwhile, KENTUCKY DERBY is TODAY! Post time: 6:04 pm. I'm off work at 4:30 and will be sipping mint juleps in my big floppy hat.

But first, in the spirit of horseracing:
Place your bets, folks! )

A drabble to the winner(s) :)
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In Ithaca, it is once again below freezing and has been snowing for the past two days. I'm so glad I'm not there. )


I was able to get the new episode of Supernatural and BZUH OMG!

spoilers )


And now, for a very important poll. Of boys and bulls )

It's a pub crawl tonight, more lectures tomorrow, formal event and awards at the museum tomorrow night, drive back to the icy wastelands of home tomorrow. Can I just stay here until summer? Please?

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