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So... so many things.

1. Saw War Horse last night. spoilers, but not really )

2. Read The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern. thoughts )

3. I knew, when I was saying all last week that 44 degrees and muddy was creepy for January, I would regret it. Today is bloody cold. And the new, energy star windows in the house are surprisingly drafty--I mean, like there's a cutting wind blowing through my room kind of draft.

4. I took off work early, because no more appointments were scheduled and since I just agreed to add a shitload more on-call in the spring (covering a colleague having a baby) I figured, what the hell. The extra emergency work means I'm going to be stressed out and kind of a beast for a few months but I'll be making more money and, if by some miracle, I get a residency spot, it'll be nice to save up some extra now.

5. So all I really want to do this afternoon is ski a little and curl up under the covers with some hot chocolate, a good book, and my dog. However, what I'm supposed to do this afternoon is drive to Ithaca for another interview tomorrow. If this one goes badly, I may just bag the third one next weekend, and look for another new job for the summer. These residency interviews are a lot of time and a whole lot of driving, and not worth it if I don't have a chance to begin with.

I'm being cynical. But also realistic, given the current market.
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Wow, long time no update.

1) Christmas was good. Family came, minimal drama, only about five emergencies.

2) Made out with: smartwool socks (no kidding, this is my always-a-hit gift), popsicle kit, books, pats cap, and most importantly, help with student loans.

3) Decided I need to go on a diet-- all my non-stretch pants are feeling tight. If I was going to design a new diet fad, I would start with a group of foods I HAD to eat every day, and if I was still hungry, I'd worry about the counting and points and stuff.

4) Things I'm looking forward to in January: White Collar, Being Human, all the cool shows.

4) I dunno what else I have to say.


Dec. 14th, 2011 08:09 am
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So I had this totally unreal conversation with one of the staff members at the clinic yesterday. Now, I don't make a ton of money, but I make about three times what she does, and she's explaining to me that we need to have a flat tax across the country--one in which I would essentially cover LESS of the national tax bill. I was arguing that I *should* pay more because I've benefited from the system and more of my income is disposable. Really? What is wrong with this picture?
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So, I worked all Thursday, napped a little in the evening, and woke up at midnight to drive to Philadelphia for an interview at eight Friday morning.

It was, far and away, the most positive utter rejection a person could receive. Seriously. I interviewed with everyone in the department and managed to feel that the fact I don't have a snowball's chance in hell at getting the position (this year) isn't personal at all. Plus, I came away with a lot of advice to burnish my CV for next year. I don't know why I'm not disheartened, but I'm not.

Going to try to schedule a few more of these before the match. Just because.


Anyway, I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with vet school friends who live in the city, saw the sights, and drove back this afternoon/evening.

So it was a good trip, even if I didn't exactly get the response I was hoping for.


Just made myself a hot toddy (er, if that's what you call a cup of chamomile with honey and a shot of whiskey. Mmmmm) and am settling in for a night of rereading favorite fanfic, watching Leverage and Once, and generally enjoying myself.


The best thing about having tomorrow off is 1) I can clean the house and write a major todo list and 2) I can stay up late tonight doing whatever I want. That's one of the best feelings in the world.


That todo list includes running errands that, net net, are going to bust the budget. Ah well, that's December for you.

It also includes Christmas Cards. See this post, if you want to exchange some!


How're you all?
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I kinda feel bad when I fail those computer generated "enter the letters you see in this scramble to prove that you're a person" tests...

Prompt me!

Nov. 13th, 2011 07:00 pm
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So, I made a Big Life Decision (tm) today, and am very pleased with it. So pleased that, instead of the procrastination new-job applications have received over the last few weeks, residency applications went fast and smooth as glass today. So, yeah, I can't believe it, but I'm very excited about the idea of going back to school (again) for a residency in diagnostic imaging. If I get it (very competetive, so it's a slim chance, but still a chance), I would be a veterinary radiologist in three and a half years. So... yeah. :)

I'm feeling really good about it. Even if it doesn't pan out, I'm feeling really good about knowing that I feel good about it. So it's a win-win.


Anyway, I feel like writing little fannish blurbs while I do my letter of intent. So... prompt me!

You probably know the fandoms, but: XMFC, Being Human US, Good Omens, Firefly, Inception, Vampire Diaries, True Blood are the ones I'm thinking about most recently.
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Twelve-ish hours left on-call. And yes, I do count them down. Yesterday was busy. Today was quiet. So far. I've found that every single time I start a specific project, whether it's taking Henry for a run or walk, cleaning something, calling parents, or cooking, someone calls with an emergency. If I do absolutely nothing, no one bothers me. Go figure.

- Patriots v. Giants tonight. EEE!! The only two teams I follow. Am alternately yelling at/cheering for both of them. So far, it's an awesome game. Down to the wire. I ♥ Brady. But I also ♥ Eli Manning.

- In my time of doing nothing, I did manage to catch up on Once Upon a Time as well as Grimm. I'm still a little 'meh' about both. I think I'll keep up with them when I have free time, but not make time to watch, if that makes sense.

- I miss my summer shows already.

- Limited Release was finished! Speaking of summer shows, this is the bestest XMFC/White Collar crossover EVAR! Might've stayed up ungodly late last night reading.

- Dreams have been no less odd but at least less anxiety-ridden the last couple of nights.
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So, I've not ben posting much at all.

Short story: Still here.

Long story: Been thinking about making Big Life Decisions (tm) which are a little frightening, so I, er, haven't actually gotten past the 'thinking about them' stage. That said, I think action will be for the better. Just gotta DO it, it being action and all.


Other news: I just mainlined The Black Prism by Brent Weeks.

spoilers? Not really. I wouldn't do that to you. )
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It's been a week.

  • I got out on-time today, but am about to be called back in to euthanize and decapitate a stray dog that bit some people for rabies testing (yes, you did read that right. Is it any wonder horror movies make no impression?)

  • Had a bunch of surgeries. Tapped the pericardium (sack that encloses the heart) on a dog I've been treating for a while. This procedure always makes me hold my breath but feel really accomplished when it's a) over and b) the dog improves.

  • Got totally hoodwinked by a guy on only compounds bad-luck in dating recently. I'm about to get to the point of not bothering anymore. Unless something (someone) good happens soon.

  • Going to visit my aunts in western MA this weekend. I'd like to end up living/working in the Berkshires, so this is a feel-it-out trip I'm looking forward to. I hope I make the plane tomorrow; since my colleague is going to be at a hearing most of the afternoon, I'll be covering appointments, so it's going to be close.

  • Got a lot written on my Alex/Hank epic. I left it alone for a while and enjoyed re-reading it. That's a good sign, right?

Hope you all (that's younz in Pittsburghese) are having a good one!
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Oh, that stage of cleaning when things are temporarily much messier than when you started.

But I think I want to go to bed now. Finish tomorrow.
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So, I was seriously debating just working around the house this weekend, doing productive things like reorganizing my filing cabinet (with label-maker in hand), tossing 8-year-old tax documents, etc. But a friend wanted to go into Pitttsburgh for dinner and a movie.

Though the house and filing cabinet are still messy, I'm glad I came. We tried a new Ethiopian restaurant (AWESOME. Tasteless jokes about famine aside, it really is one of my favorite ethnic cuisines) and saw Ides of March.

Spoilers under color-cut FWIW )
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I had evening appointments tonight. Luckily, the last two or so cancelled, so I managed to finish on time (don't ask). There were so many fleas. So, so many fleas.

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate fleas?

There were also so many angry dogs who got diagnosed from across the room. I call this "creative medicine."


Vampire Diaries: this really is the show of a thousand plots. Don't ever change, yeah?

I will be kinda sad if the tension between Elena-Stephan-and Damon ever has a resolution. Hmm.

And, n'awww, Klaus just wants an army to WUVVV him!


I've been re-reading Kate Griffin's Urban Magic (Matthew Swift) series. Gowd, I love the magic in those books.

As much as I enjoy fantasy, there are few conceptions of magic that I really *feel*, you know? This is one.
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First run since the race, and I felt pretty good. I'm jonesing to sign up for another one. Preferably in NYC--the big one in January is closed for registration, though. :(


Does anyone use those barefoot running shoes? I know it's just a big fad, but I'm kind of curious to try it. Recommendations for different brands? How to get started training in them? Whether it's worth it when I go on muddy trails (which is more than half the time)?


The guy I was kind of into clearly did not feel the same about me. Ah well. Back to the drawing board (aka


Glee last night was... I wasn't overly impressed; not with the story, the songs, anything really. I'm glad it's back, and I'm hoping for another great season. We shall see.


I think that's all. Not on-call tonight. Whee!

You know what I miss? Vampire shows. I'm gonna catch up on Vampire Diaries and wish it was time for the new Being Human season. Maybe read/write some fic.


Sep. 18th, 2011 01:03 pm
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so I managed to get to the race on time despite waking up 45 minutes after my alarm should have gone off (maybe it did. Who knows?)

Ran the race; finished about 5-6 minutes slower than my personal best, but I finished. Then I managed to stay awake long enough to get the car home, took a quick nap in the front yard (what?), showered, and am gonna take a little more time before daring the road to Pittsburgh again.
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So, I made it back to PA after spending fourteen hours driving (starting at three Friday morning) and twenty-four hours back home.

Happily (more or less), the funeral was without incident (as with many families, this is no guarantee in mine). Everyone who came was wonderful and supportive to my mother, which was really all I could have asked for.

Tomorrow is another early start (4:30am) to get to the race in Erie. Due to... well everything that's been happening, I haven't been able to run since Monday. Hopefully I was enough in shape for the thirteen miles on no sleep tomorrow.

My tummy is a little upset just thinking about it. (Unlike most runners, I can't eat or drink while I race without puking in the bushes. I just take a sip of water here and there to keep my mouth from drying out, then guzzle at the end of the race. This is one reason I've never attempted a full marathon.)

Hopefully, I will still be awake enough afterwards to go visit [ profile] ignipes!


In other news, just got Jane Eyre from Netflix. It was so good! I've been rereading the story. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it back in middle/high school. And Fassy was awesome, of course.

Okay. To bed for me.

Life stuff

Sep. 14th, 2011 08:51 pm
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So, my grandfather died this morning. My mom sounds okay. It wasn't exactly unexpected; he's been in bad shape for almost two years, and with end stage Alzheimer's that is a disease I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

I'm mostly worried about how the funeral is going to go, whether his estranged children (my mother's siblings) are going to be there, and what they're going to do if thy are.My boss gave me the day off, so I'm on-call tonight, cramming a bunch of extra appointments into tomorrow, and driving back home.

In happier news, [ profile] thistlerose is stopping by tonight! :D
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A friend and I went on a pleasant 10.5 mile run this morning (the same loop [ profile] ignipes and I did last spring) where I'm going to run the half-marathon next week. It was like a course-preview/review, and it went really well.


I scrubbed all the carpets of pet-residue on my hands and knees this afternoon. If only my landlord could see them now.

And when I buy my first place, it will have nary a carpet (unless it's one destined to be removed), I SWEAR.


Um, I was thinking that if I ever had kids. Which I am totally not thinking about. I'd have twin boys.

I also think this thought makes me officially crazy.


I got A Solitary Man from Netflix the other night, and I can't get it out of my head. Fandom, WHY did you not tell me Nicholas Hoult was the younger/gay love interest in a Colin Firth film? Or that both he and Colin were AWESOMESAUCE. This is one of my new favorite movies, in the category of favorite movies where American Beauty lies.

Just. Look. )


True Blood finale: HOLY SHIT, WTF!?!

That is all I have to say for now. Or without spoiler tags.


Sep. 11th, 2011 06:57 pm
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Days since I've had the XMFC blu-ray: 2
Number of times I've re-watched it: 3 (and the commentary. and the deleted scenes-wtf!)
Number of fics currently in progress: 4

Getting to see crossdressing!Eric in bed with Charles: Priceless


The helmet makes whomever's wearing it look like they have a little piggy snub-nose. I think therein lies its secret power. *g*


I've mostly been doing very little this weekend, and it's glorious. Cleaning house. Drying tomatoes and peaches for winter, freezing corn, baking bread, watching mindless TV, reading and writing.


Half-marathon in one week. I'm sorta-kinda ready. I think. Not to set a PR or anything, but at least to finish respectably.

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Went to NYC for Labor Day weekend, and it was FABULOUS! (Could it not be? The city clears out for the weekend, so there is even actual parking to be found)

Saw Anything Goes on Broadway. Since my parents subscribe and were able to get the tickets before the Tony nominations were out, we were 3rd row center. WHAT a fun show! I was in a lot of these numbers in high school, and it was so glorious to see them properly dones, although I had to fight not to sing along.

clips from the show )

Spent an afternoon at the Met, a day waling around Central Park (and rode the Carousel, which I haven't done since I was about six), met several friends, had great Tapas and Sushi (not all at once), went on my long run (11mi) in prep for next week's half marathon, and just generally enjoyed it.

Then I came home.

Oy, if I am living here in three years' time, someone please slap me upside the head. I feel so much more ALIVE being where things are happening, where not everyone is a WASP, where... I don't even know. Living out here is a pale imitation of the real thing--not that I mind rural life, but the kind of rural that exists out here is also backwards, and I want forwards-rural-with-more-city-access. Um. I kinda want it all.

I'm thinking Massachusetts?
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So, I don't know if it's an anxiety dream or what, but:

I was Michelle Bachman's campaign manager and the really really scary part of it was that I was friggin good. I just kept hoping she wouldn't take my advice because helping her goes against everything I believe in, but so does intentionally screwing up at work and, and...

Thank god it was just a dream.

Um. Am I the only who thinks about conservative politics in her sleep?

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