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I have just a few things to say about TVD tonight. And they're definitely spoilery this time )


So far, only one emergency tonight. And she's fine. :)


In other, other news: it may take like four hours, but I really rally need to organize my tags. Gulp!
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So after finally finishing the written series, I thought I would have a good idea of what's going on this season.

Oh, how wrong I was. :)

Spoilers and vamps and fairies, oh my! )

I think that's all. Is that all? I can hardly keep track of all the story lines these days. I love that they're showing everyone (although did I miss Alcide? or was he not in this one?) but it means less time for each story in the hour-long ep, and that much more longing for next week's. I'm debating trying to catch the next one early on HBO-Go...
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I'm sure I'll have more thinky thoughts in the morning, but for now The good, the better, and the inevitable buhhhhh? )

Damn, we have to wait a whole year-ish now? Bring on the fanfics!
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I WILL be watching the re-broadcast tonight, if nothing else, to watch Aidan tell Josh to take off his clothes and bend over, while Josh is locked in a cage

(FRNGH. That's like my Dream scenario-- if only it was followed by hot boysex rather than, you know, fondling by old white guys and a dehumanizing dogfight, but... details, yo.)

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First, Glee.

I wasn't loving this episode at first. Gwyneth was a little over the top (Okay, she was in her first appearance, too, but still), Kurt's sexy faces hurt to watch, the songs were pretty much so-so. But then the second half totally fixed itself. I loved Blaine's talk with Burt, Burt's with Kurt. I still kinda want Emma and Shuster to end up together, but I'm glad he's with someone he enjoys for right now (and they must have an awesome budget to get her as a recurring character). The prince 'Kiss' tango was pretty hot. And Santana coming out of the closet was a good thing, I think. I'd like her to be happy. She's really grown as a character over the course of the show (whereas Rachel has really regressed. We'll see what happens with that). Oh, I also really like Quinn's new haircut. LOVE it, really. And Puckerman with Zeist? FAB!


Then back to BH.

I've rewatched that last scene, and while I still don't melt quite the way I did with the UK one, it fits the characters and show. I love the bonding between Sally and Josh's that's been so slow to come, even if it dissolves a little bit into a competition to see who has it worse. I love that Josh doesn't wallow too long before turning the conversation to Nora. For all the angsting he does, I think they really try not to throw him into a good wallow. And once again, you get a little more of a hint of how Aidan and Josh are really there to look out for each other-- even in a screwed up sort of friendship.

Also, while I'm not generally a fan of CG werewolves, I thought this one was a lot cooler than expected.
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I've been trying to sort out my reaction to this episode before posting, but it kind of boils down to:

asdfkjadshfkjadsf, BOYS and GIRLS!!

So, in summary )

Possessed hands. And Mistletoe.
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As if I couldn't love this show any more:


That is all I have to say (for now)
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Being Human 1x04: Wouldn't it be Nice (if we were human)

Oh look! It's Tully! Wait. Tully has a southern accent. And his name is RAY.

Seriously, though. In comparison to UK, Ray is a lot more sinister, especially as regards his sabotage of Aidan and Josh's friendship. And Josh's insistence that Aidan is different? Let me draw little sparkly hearts all over it.

In fact, let me spread those sparkly hearts over that whole first scene in the kitchen. That was my favorite trio-moment of the series so far!

I already rather like this Nina (er, what is her name in the US?) better. Although Brit Nina had some sharper snark. Josh was so far beyond adorkable trying to hit on her. And his wingman-eyes at Aidan? Priceless.

Aidan and Rebecca-- while I don't particularly ship it, I'm not gonna lie, they are HAWT. Bloody. Beautiful. Brilliant.

I wonder what the fallout is going to be for Josh beating on Marcus. Aidan: high five. Bishop: *shivers* (although I'm guessing Aidan will receive the brunt of that one). I do love that Josh's more dangerous instincts seem so much closer to the surface than George's (at least S1 George), it adds so much more to his character.

I really like the high-class vampy bloodhouse. I'm also really glad we're getting to see the guys being a little more domestic. Okay, I just love kitchen scenes. *craves more moments where they're sipping coffee / blood* (or else I just really like things that draw attention to their mouths.)

Sally and Aidan by the fireplace? Pwned my heart just a little. Okay, a lot.

Sally in general was ftw all episode. I love the development of her abilities, that she has to work for every one of them. I love that she's trying to grow up and hold on all at the same time. She doesn't do tragic nearly as well as either of the boys, but I'm okay with that. She does her own life so much better.

spoilers? comments on the preview for next week, anyway )
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I finally watched on the same night it aired! )

~And let's not forget Thursday's OTHER emo brothers: The Vampire Diaries )


In other news, I had another sit-down with my boss. This one left me feeling a lot better about stuff. It was much less: this is your problem, too. And much more: I guess your internmate really *does* have a problem. Sadly, he said we were going to go down in the record books as the civil war of interns. As someone who pretty much gets along with (or can be professional towards) just about everyone, this is not exactly how I want to be remembered. But oh well. Seventeen more days and thirteen more overnight shifts.


Feb. 8th, 2010 07:16 am
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Ack, I dunno why I haven't been around much. life, you know? Anyway, such as it is.

Supernatural. spoilers, duh )

Taxes. Done. *phew*

Avatar. I might me the last person on the planet to see it, but WOW! I'm so glad I did (even if I had to go alone because I have, literally, no friends here). It was spectacular and, actually, a lot more uplifting than I expected.

Being Human. I just want to smish all these guys (and gals). George, staring at that TV set? Kinda broke my heart.

Job hunt. Bleh. It sucks. lots of apps, a couple of callbacks, nothing that lets me just work on horses (you know, the job I spent the last ELEVEN YEARS training for?) I dunno. Definitely not giving up, but not holding my breath, either.

Superbowl. Good game. Not overly invested in either team, though.
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Why do I love this show so much?

spoilers )
In conclusion, SO GOOD!
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spoilers, all ye who enter here )

Now I have a colicking horse to go see to.
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Isn't that the old CW Theme song?

Two words )

More coherent commentary tomorrow. Maybe.


Sep. 16th, 2009 12:05 am
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Hells, I should not be awake right now, but I'm buzzing and humming with energy despite the red wine in my blood. You know when something happens that transcends your expectations? And no matter how much you don't want to let it get to you, maybe it does?

Also, I've had far more liquid dinner than the solid kind.

I dunno.


Maybe I should take tomorrow off. Technically I'm supposed to every other week, but I only do it about one Wednesday a month.


I may or may not be working an spn/discworld crossover and regretting leaving my discworld novels back in New York.


I was spoilers ) by the True Blood finale. more spoilers )


I REALLY want to watch Star Trek reboot again. Do we really have to wait until november?!?

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