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Twelve-ish hours left on-call. And yes, I do count them down. Yesterday was busy. Today was quiet. So far. I've found that every single time I start a specific project, whether it's taking Henry for a run or walk, cleaning something, calling parents, or cooking, someone calls with an emergency. If I do absolutely nothing, no one bothers me. Go figure.

- Patriots v. Giants tonight. EEE!! The only two teams I follow. Am alternately yelling at/cheering for both of them. So far, it's an awesome game. Down to the wire. I ♥ Brady. But I also ♥ Eli Manning.

- In my time of doing nothing, I did manage to catch up on Once Upon a Time as well as Grimm. I'm still a little 'meh' about both. I think I'll keep up with them when I have free time, but not make time to watch, if that makes sense.

- I miss my summer shows already.

- Limited Release was finished! Speaking of summer shows, this is the bestest XMFC/White Collar crossover EVAR! Might've stayed up ungodly late last night reading.

- Dreams have been no less odd but at least less anxiety-ridden the last couple of nights.
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So, I was thinking about science fiction, and you know what I'd really like to read? A story in which time travel (via delorian or cry-preservation-stasis or whatever) can only happen in one direction.

You can jump into the future as often and as far as you want, but you can't ever go back. You can bypass the hard parts of life, but then you miss them and people grow up/move on without you.

Or you can go back to the way things were, live them again, but everyone will move on (or have moved on) without you.

I dunno. I just think that if you knew, going into it, that it was a one-way trip, it would change the entire dynamic of time travel on a personal level. And that's what I'd like to read about.


I'd also like to read the end of that XMFC fic, Limited Release. I'm rather certain it's an orphan at this point, and that makes me rather sad. I'm pretty sure where it's going, but that's not the point. The point is that it's been such a fun story to get there so far.


Which is why I don't read WIPs. Hell, I have enough orphans on my desktop as it is anyway.


Speaking of XMFC fic, has anyone read any good stories about the trip back from Russia for Charles, Emma, Moira and Erik? When they know they've been duped and bad things are happening back home, and they just can't get there fast enough. OH, and they also have to keep Emma contained for the duration of the trip?
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Apparently we have two choices come 2012:

1a. Elect a Republican and forward the Conservative Whackjob Agenda(tm)

corollary to 1a, 1b. Re-elect Presidnt Obama and forward the Conservative Whackjob Agenda (with righteous indignation under the guise of a right-shift compromise.)

2. Or move to Canada.



In other news, I have a question regarding XMFC fic:

Let me preface this by explaining that I waste a whole lot of writing time checking the date of common-use slang, technology, etc. and that's without even *trying* to make it period-specific. That's just knowing that the walkman wasn't released until the 1970's

[Poll #1766227]


And, finally, a rec:

Old Metal (Blood, Memory, and Rubber Ducks) by [ profile] pprfaith

It's Charles/Erik-Lensherr x Erik Northman (True Blood). It's labelled as crack, but it's the kind of crack that makes my blood run cold, it's such a good story in its own right. The two Eriks are so well blended into one character, I didn't even know whose face to imagine while I was reading. Charles was flawless Charles.

The statement was bland, but Erik couldn’t quite help the shiver that passed down his back. Beautiful, skilled, useful and his. Greed, yes. It had always been his favorite of the Christians’ deadly sins, so very inherent in a vampire’s nature. Taking was what they did and Erik wanted this telepath.

Go! Encourage MORE of this!

:D :D :D

XMFC rec

Jul. 18th, 2011 07:39 am
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A Hundred Visions and Revisions by [ profile] kaydeefalls

Just read this one last night. It's a lovely, plotty, recruitment-road trip fic. Charles/Erik by the end. She handles the characters and relationship with deft hands, placing them well on the timeline. Other awesome mutants and non-mutants. Interdepartmental, government-agency bickering. It's all there, really.

Rec me!

Jul. 15th, 2011 07:05 pm
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Okay, folks; TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF!! (followed by five days of work and a one-week VACATION. On the beach between dives. This means HEAPS of time for reading.)

So that means HIT ME

This weekend, I'd love recs for X-men First class plotty fic, AU okay, Charles/Xavier (what? It's more canon than canon) and Hank/Alex or Alex/Darwin. Not so much into Alex/Sean. Given the weekend (and, no, I don't have tickets yet. Bad fan, me) I'd read some classic Remus/Sirius HP fic. Also, Being Human US fic: always. Especially Aidan/Josh or TruBlood fic-- which I've never dabbled in since Charlene Harris writes it anyway *g*.

Next week, I'm placing an Amazon book order. I haven't gone the way of the kindle* but I'm looking for quality Urban Fantasy, really good straight fantasy or sci-fi, or surrealist/magical realism in fiction (esp Spanish authors).

*I have nothing against Kindles and I may go there for beach reading especially--less weight in my luggage and the Kindle, in particular, is functional in the sun. I like reading on a screen, as evidenced by all the fanfic I devour. I just a) really wish you could d/l large fanworks onto your kindle and b) wish that purchasing an e-title gave you more complete rights to it. Basically the cost is the same but the rights are far more limited than for buying a real book. I would, however, buy a "package" with the paper and digital versions included for some kind of discount...
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One: My colleague is covering emergencies, ergo--

Two: I have a glass of wine in hand that--

Three: is filtered through the Venturi Aerator a frind gave me for my birthday (the improvement to taste? is no gimmick or lie. I will have to bring the aerator to restaurants and parties because I don't know if I can drink red wine without it again.) While--

Four: I read the new updates to Limeted Release! Which, if you enjoy XMFC AUs, Charles/Erik set in the White Collar-verse, you ought to be reading (unless you are unforgivably patient and are waiting until it's finished)
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First, a rec.

I spent the early morning reading [ profile] dotfic's The Syntax of Things, which I totally missed back in June, and its sequel A Better Fate than Wisdom. It picks up where season four left off and takes it to completely right places. It's Castiel/Dean, and makes it work with Jimmy, with dreams, with the distrust and complete openness that exists between them. At the same time, she manages to do more than justice to relationship between Sam and Dean at the core of everything.

Next, I started watching Dogma this evening. Good lord, I love that movie, and I would be such a happy fangirl if someone could find a way to crossover the two.

Third. I think I have mild acid reflux. This is new and unpleasant and might explain (along with the crazy schedule) why I've been losing weight recently? Not a lot, but disproportionate to the volume I've been eating.
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OMg, I just got the bestest birthday present:

For They Are Yet But Ear-Kissing Arguments

In which Dean wakes up with the vestiges of a Puck's curse and Dei manages to make donkey ears the hottest thing since wings. :)

Go. Read. Now.
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1. Just about done with S3 of SGA, and I have a couple thinky thoughts. Spoilers? )

2. Go read [ profile] lyra_wing's new installment to her Supernatural FBI-verse To Catch a Thief. It's awesomecakes.

3. I think I'm gonna go visit some friends in PA for the night, so meanwhile:

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OMg, maybe it's the exams talking, but I am still giggling after several rounds of the awesomely brilliant story/game by [ profile] gray_light and [ profile] dea_liberty.

The Supernatural Choose Your Own Mary Sue Adventures: Sue You

Go. Play. Enjoy.

I am back to studying Ophtho.
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If you haven't yet, go check out Sleepwalking in the Land of Magnets and Memories, the [ profile] spn_summergen piece written for ME!

After that most amazing and promising of titles, the story is perfect in its follow-through. Set post AHBL2, it tackles some of the toughest issues brought at the end of the season with clarity and carefully constructed setting and a perspective I hadn't even considered yet. Brilliant.

It's a lovely story of our boys coping the only way they know how, by throwing punches and hunting things, and trying to explain without actually saying a word.

It's love, in a nutshell. Go read. (and THANK YOU! to whomever wrote it! MUAH)
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Guys, the good just keeps on rolling in.

[ profile] amchara wrote me happy schmoopy BIRTHDAY FIC! Push. It's boys wratling and discussing Very Serious Business the way all serious business should be discussed-- with one of them in a headlock.

“I don’t get you,” he says. “Didn’t you ever want anything other than this life? Something other than Dad’s crusade?”

And maybe Sam’s imagining it, but he thinks he sees a flicker of hesitation in Dean’s eyes but his voice is steady enough when he answers, “There isn’t anything else.”

Great stuff. Go check it out. Push.

~ and THEN

[ profile] lyra_wing went and wrote MORE birthday fic! Tales of the Wild Country. It's the story of Sam and Dean, doing what needs to be done, sun-freckled and on HORSES! I kid you not.

There were plenty of jobs to go around. Swarms of evil creatures roamed the country, more than Sam or Dean had ever imagined possible.

They were in a different world now.

Brilliant premise, and I'm not going to give it away by saying more. Go read. Tales of the Wild Country.


Read more... )It made me very happy.


I also made yummy banana cake with cream cheese frosting for a work cookout Saturday night. Comment for the recipie.
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Guys, you RULE! Thank you all for the birthday wishes and Dei for the pressies, [ profile] scowling_hermit for this beautiful bag, and in the long-standing tradition of making me swoon with awesome birthday stories (see: Fires of Bone and The Only People for Me are the Mad Ones) [ profile] ignipes has done it again.

The Edge of the Known World, a sequel to Cartography in Empty Spaces -- my favorite 'verse going.

Besides having the coolest, cleverest title, it's everything you ever wanted in the story, Sam doing his best to take care of his big brother when neither is quite sure what Dean even needs, the Impala, lost memories, parking tickets, barbed wire, and the ring. I still don't have words. Just read it. And enjoy.

other birthday ramblings )

Hope all your weekends are going well! I'm off to bake a cake and watch the Belmont. Post time is about 6:00 EST.
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If you haven't seen it, and like me, you wonder about the people the Winchesters meet on their winding road.

[ profile] amchara has filled that void. At least for Kat, the tough-as-nails shotgun-wielding, blonde from Asylum. It's long and plotty with surprise guest stars you'll love as much as I do.

With Eyes Wide Open

Check it out!

Skiving off

Apr. 4th, 2007 07:22 pm
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I got out of lab at 2:30 today (what a treat) and decided that, since I will be spending the entirety of the next two days-- fourteen hours each-- at school/work/hosting lectures/lecturers, I would skip my evening EVERYTHING, and putz around the house.
'Cause I was born a ramblin' woman. also cut for dr. who discussion )

If you haven't signed up for [ profile] spn_summergen GO NOW.

[ profile] spn_summergen

It's a fic exchange with some fantacular (is SO a word) prompt ideas. Also, the mods have given you free reign to explain what you do and don't want from it-- from people who hate green, leafy vegetable!fic to those who only want to write biblical crossovers. Seriously. I have no idea how they're going to match people up, but I'm fairly sure it's going to be a grand time.

so if you've never written for Supernatural before (yes, I am looking at YOU), are a seasoned veteran (that would be you), or know the show inside and out but rarely write (you know who i'm talking about now)-- GET TO IT!

It's gonna be a long summer waiting for S3. (Don't burst my bubble. There WILL be an s3.)

Fill it with [ profile] spn_summergen


And finally, today's wisdom from my surgery prof:

"Surgery is like making love; both require adequate exposure and gentle tissue handling."

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So just when I have to buckle down, get jiggy with it, not count my chickens, y'all post COOL STUFF!

Stop, already. :D

[ profile] scowling_hermit drew this Awesome picture from my prompt for Flying Marauders. :)

[ profile] musesfool started a (not-so) anonymous love meme. Go love on people!

Also, [ profile] ignipes is having a rec-a-thon over at her journal for any author/artist/person in the Supernatural fandom who you think doesn't get the respect or visibility they deserve.

Go forth and rec.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] lyra_wing You make this fandom such cracked out fun. Seriously, kid, you're one in a million.

Also, The Black Donnellys premiere and new Heroes are on tonight, Lyra's birthday. Coincidence? I think not. I think it rather one more bit of proof that she's part of a secret universal conspiracy to spread the bro-loving. :D


Now for the rec: If you haven't read [ profile] lyra_wing's story Emeralds and Poppies, you haven't lived. And I say this with the authority of one who has. Several times.

It's a Supernatural, Jo-centric, Wizard of Oz crossover with Wincesty overtones, and to call it crack would both be utterly true and the greatest understatement since my grandmother called chocolate 'okay'.

Like all good crackfic, it's inspired by the gods of mischief and keeps you laughing the whole way through. But it's true to the characters and a brilliant look at Jo post-Born Under a Bad Sign (spoilers through that episode).

I can't recommend this story enough. The way the dream is not-a-dream and the two stories are woven together is mind-boggling in it's brilliance. I also, thanks to her, have discovered a little kink for only-not-really-heartless!Dean made out of tin.

Read it NOW!
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Dean. Genderswap. American Gods. Werewolf. California. Perhaps the most smoldering story I've read in quite a very long time.

A Change in the Water by [ profile] sanyin

Don't let the genderswap scare you off (though for this fandom, I would be extremely surprised if it did).

It's long and plotty with the writerly craft of the best pwp. You feel for John and hate him just a little. Dean makes one hell of a girl. And Sam? What's there to say about Sam but that he makes your heart melt just a little inside.

Go. Read it. Now.

I think I'm gonna go read it again.
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First off, if you haven't yet, get your bum over to her journal and read [ profile] ignipes' stunning story for [ profile] spn_vday: A Thousand Miles from Nowhere

It's a series of poignant and touching vignettes that flawlessly show the ways that Sam and Dean love each other. They love each other by jumping in front of the monster, by following when it's easier to stay, by brawling and hitting and sleeping in, by noticing the things that no one else does.

Weeks turn into months, months into years, and before long he stops counting the miles, but Sam never stops counting the things he learns about Dean.

Go. Read it. Now.


I am in love with the codas that came out of Born Under a Bad Sign and plan to put together a master list for my own reading pleasure (and anyone else's whose interested). If you've read or written one, link it here! YaY!


They finally closed the university, thanks to the snow. I stayed home to shovel the drive. Picspam )


Brrr... Having trouble building a fire.


Thank you so much for the virtual chocolates, [ profile] obeetaybee. I've been chowing all day.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] thistlerose!!

I hope you have have a lovely day. You keep me in touch with the world and always keep my flist interesting. Wishing the best new year on you and your kitties. :)


In other news: If you haven't checked them out yet,

[ profile] amchara put together a fantastic Supernatural Gen Anthology. Not only is it a collection of killer stories appropriate for all ages, but pay special attention to the cover art and illustration. They're just perfect.

[ profile] drvsilla wrote awesome Supernatural prompt fic with Sam and Dean and Giant Trees in California. It's soft and artistic and made me all kinds of happy. (Sam/Dean, R)


Thank you for all the car advice yesterday. Got it checked out-- busted wheel bearing to be fixed tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to pretend that I didn't have the Top Chef marathon going for the entire day.

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