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First run since the race, and I felt pretty good. I'm jonesing to sign up for another one. Preferably in NYC--the big one in January is closed for registration, though. :(


Does anyone use those barefoot running shoes? I know it's just a big fad, but I'm kind of curious to try it. Recommendations for different brands? How to get started training in them? Whether it's worth it when I go on muddy trails (which is more than half the time)?


The guy I was kind of into clearly did not feel the same about me. Ah well. Back to the drawing board (aka


Glee last night was... I wasn't overly impressed; not with the story, the songs, anything really. I'm glad it's back, and I'm hoping for another great season. We shall see.


I think that's all. Not on-call tonight. Whee!

You know what I miss? Vampire shows. I'm gonna catch up on Vampire Diaries and wish it was time for the new Being Human season. Maybe read/write some fic.


Sep. 18th, 2011 01:03 pm
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so I managed to get to the race on time despite waking up 45 minutes after my alarm should have gone off (maybe it did. Who knows?)

Ran the race; finished about 5-6 minutes slower than my personal best, but I finished. Then I managed to stay awake long enough to get the car home, took a quick nap in the front yard (what?), showered, and am gonna take a little more time before daring the road to Pittsburgh again.
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So, I made it back to PA after spending fourteen hours driving (starting at three Friday morning) and twenty-four hours back home.

Happily (more or less), the funeral was without incident (as with many families, this is no guarantee in mine). Everyone who came was wonderful and supportive to my mother, which was really all I could have asked for.

Tomorrow is another early start (4:30am) to get to the race in Erie. Due to... well everything that's been happening, I haven't been able to run since Monday. Hopefully I was enough in shape for the thirteen miles on no sleep tomorrow.

My tummy is a little upset just thinking about it. (Unlike most runners, I can't eat or drink while I race without puking in the bushes. I just take a sip of water here and there to keep my mouth from drying out, then guzzle at the end of the race. This is one reason I've never attempted a full marathon.)

Hopefully, I will still be awake enough afterwards to go visit [ profile] ignipes!


In other news, just got Jane Eyre from Netflix. It was so good! I've been rereading the story. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it back in middle/high school. And Fassy was awesome, of course.

Okay. To bed for me.


May. 8th, 2010 10:26 am
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So I almost quit yesterday. With just three weeks to go, it seemed easier.

The internmate from hell has now taken to:
1. Re-writing my treatment orders on patients he's never even looked at without coming to speak to me about it first. This is one of the heights of disrespect amongst colleagues.

2. Looking at cases and going over my head to supervisors, never telling me what they said, and then getting me in trouble for not doing what they said the following day.

Seriously, what IS this shit?

I have never done anything to wrong him. Though I would at this point if the opportunity presented itself. This is so unprofessional I can't even BEGIN to describe it.

Long story short, I didn't quit-- only because my boss didn't have time to speak to me during the day. I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad one.


Twenty-three days left in this place. And then I bid Cali-stupid-fornia good riddance. Haven't seen the new spn or vampire diaries. :( Maybe today when they finish downloading. Work isn't chaotic (yet), but it is the sort of day when, for every twenty minutes I get to spend doing my own thing, I get called out to the clinic for some minor thing or another.


In pleasanter news, the 200 mile relay last weekend was AWESOME!! I want to do another, like NOW! (that my thighs have recovered). I was not in particularly good shape for my easy 18 miles, and the last four hurt like hell, but having a whole team there cheering you on makes such a difference. And the countryside (Napa valley rolling hills to Santa Cruz mountains) was tremendous. Pictures to come.
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The job hunt still sucks, but I've got a few more tenuous leads (who may or may not call back). I'm keeping a journal which pretty much reads: blah blah. the depressing stuff )

That said, it was a good weekend.

We had Horseman's Day on Saturday, which was an event put on for our clients, about 100 of whom came. I gave a lecture along with most of my colleagues, and it was a huge success. I had no idea I liked public speaking so much, but the audience was into it and I was into it, and it was really a blast. Even our Pfizer rep said I had a gift (I almost asked her if she wanted to employ me on the veterinary lecture circuit, but you generally need a few more years' experience to get hired by big pharma). Anyway, it was good.

I also signed up with my cousin's group of friends for a 12 person, 200 mile relay race from Napa valley to Santa Cruz. Turns out I need the threat of several hundred miles to get me running again. I don't know if I am more happy when I'm running/active or if I become more active when I'm happier, but the two do seem to go hand in hand.

I read the first Percy Jackson and the Olympians book this morning. Definitely cute. Made me miss NYC.

Still haven't seen the last episode of Supernatural. *hides* But then, it's something to look forward to tonight! (if it's good? Did you guys enjoy?)

I'm even facing my internmate with greater equanimity.

Hopefully this trend continues. How's everyone's week?
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Ran the half marathon this morning. Whew.

I'm not entirely sure what to think about it. I went in knowing my training was not quite up to snuff (averaging 10-11 minute miles, with my longest long-run at 11.5 miles total, minimal speed or strength work) but I ran the first 5k in almost my 5k race time. I scheduled minute-long walking breaks for myself at miles 4, 8, and 11; I read about this strategy some time back, and found it really improved my training stamina, so I figured I'd try it in the race. It didn't keep miles 9-13 from hurting like a bi-otch, but I did have a good speed kick after each break.

Overall, I finished averaging 8:40 minute/miles (including walks) until the last three, which brought my overall pace down to 9 min/mile, recorded a personal best of 1:57:57 (2,692nd place out of like 12,000 overall), spent the rest of the day lounging around in bed, pretty darn pleased with myself even though I know I could have finished stronger with better training.

How was your weekend?
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I had my first of (hopefully) two long runs before the race in (GULP) two weeks. It was good. Twelve miles according to, got lost once (because the online map doesn't account for the dozens of dirt bike trails actually branching off the main ones in the former military base where I run), spent the first four miles in warm-up mode, struggled through the next four miles of hills, and was cruising well above speed for the last four. Finished in a little longer (about 10 minutes) than my last full half-marathon time. I was exhausted last night but feel pretty darn good today. I don't think this upcoming race is going to be a personal best, but I'm starting to feel confident that I can finish it.

It's funny; around mile nine the runner's high gets so strong I never ever want to stop. I have these stoner-brilliant realizations about life and the universe that never seem quite so profound after I'm done. But still, runs like that make all the days you drag yourself out and shuffle along for an hour fully worth it.


Then I went to Borders. i shouldn't be allowed to do that )

If anyone has recommendations for other books you think I'd like, I am, as they say, all ears.

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