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Dec. 12th, 2010 08:20 am
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I have a (very) important question to ask y'all. Should I go back and catch up on season six Supernatural?

I haven't mostly because five ended just where I was happy to have it end, and I really didn't want to be disappointed...

But now I might have a little time on my hands and I got curious. Hopefully I won't be killing any cats.


In some of this spare time, I've been going back and re-watching Stargate: Atlantis. Man, I did enjoy that series, pseudoscience and all. Hey, can anyone point me in the direction of, er, discerning fic rec comms for it? (Happy to read gen, slash, action, whatever)

Gosh, I'm being demanding.


And finally,

Christmas card writing day! Reply with a screened comment/address if you want a card! (although a few of you whose addresses I have, won't get off regardless :D )
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It was a long week, and a few things strike me this Saturday night

1. Spending every day where I do makes me hyper-aware of the things that happen to people's pets. But I never really believe it'll happen to mine. I've mentioned some of this in passing to some of you. )

2. Then in the More Good News category, I took my car in for inspection the same day and was informed that it would require $1200 dollars worth of work to get it back. I just... Thanks world. Time to take out another student loan, even as the financial system around us crumbled.

3. On the plus side, Lazarus Rising was AWESOME BEYOND MY WILDEST IMAGINATION. spoilery questions )

4. And finally some SGA observations. more spoilers. Geez )

All things considered, I think it's time to have a big glass of wine, settle down to boards review, and thank goodness a new week starts on Monday.
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Spoilers for 5x02, in which the theme of the season comes clear )

And just because they make me giggle (and are one of the few media outlets who manages to satirize Barack Obama with good-spirited humor), the newest JibJab video: Time for Some Campaignin'
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1. Just about done with S3 of SGA, and I have a couple thinky thoughts. Spoilers? )

2. Go read [ profile] lyra_wing's new installment to her Supernatural FBI-verse To Catch a Thief. It's awesomecakes.

3. I think I'm gonna go visit some friends in PA for the night, so meanwhile:


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