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It had such promise. At least it ended with a bang.

Can I shoot her? Not in public. )
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So, some shit went down on the home front which sucked, but I guess needed to happen because I have not been happy with the situation as is and apparently neither has roomate (the girl one).

Anyway, nevermind all that because

Eeeee!!!! Boys!!

spoilers, duh. :) )
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In-line notes.

Cheney. He one of yours? Not yet. )

In conclusion. Best episode of the season so far!

ETA: I was gonna post a whiny rant earlier about how I'm terrified for the next week (exams and surgery I'm totally unprepared for-- even if I am *only* running anesthesia) and it's throwing me off my game in a way that even new spn can't make up for. Only this did. Make up for it. YaY Sam and Dean! Now back to ophthamology
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OMg, you know the new season is upon us when we have director's cut Mondays! (Although they may have been up earlier, I just saw them, thanks to a head cold that knocked me on me ass all weekend)


In conclusion: is it Thursday yet?

Oh, and standing rules apply: I don't consider discussion of studio-released material/photos/ep titles to be spoilers. If you do, or if my joy over such things offends you, please don't comment here. Thanks much!
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I'm sure all of you that are interested have seen them by now. But YAY Promo Pics from episode 3x01 are out!

Oh, boys, I've missed you so.

No idea what's going on, but it makes me gleeful just to see their faces.

(For the record: spoiler policy in my journal will be as in previous seasons, restricted to stuff officially released by the studio. Of course any details will be under cuts.)

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