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A friend and I went on a pleasant 10.5 mile run this morning (the same loop [ profile] ignipes and I did last spring) where I'm going to run the half-marathon next week. It was like a course-preview/review, and it went really well.


I scrubbed all the carpets of pet-residue on my hands and knees this afternoon. If only my landlord could see them now.

And when I buy my first place, it will have nary a carpet (unless it's one destined to be removed), I SWEAR.


Um, I was thinking that if I ever had kids. Which I am totally not thinking about. I'd have twin boys.

I also think this thought makes me officially crazy.


I got A Solitary Man from Netflix the other night, and I can't get it out of my head. Fandom, WHY did you not tell me Nicholas Hoult was the younger/gay love interest in a Colin Firth film? Or that both he and Colin were AWESOMESAUCE. This is one of my new favorite movies, in the category of favorite movies where American Beauty lies.

Just. Look. )


True Blood finale: HOLY SHIT, WTF!?!

That is all I have to say for now. Or without spoiler tags.
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First, True Blood )

So, in summary, lots of abs, and almost, just before Alcide transformed, a hint of more.


In real life, not much new to report.

My kitten (who's not so much a kitten anymore, but a very small cat) ate one of Henry's pain pills, but I think I managed to get it all out of her stomach/system in time.

Henry's recovering well from the second surgery.

I have bad news for one of my favorite clients (one of my only almost-friends in town) that I've been dreading giving all weekend.

I feel like I've been leading along a guy (same guy as before) because I really really like hanging out with him, but the idea of anything more just sets me running for the hills. If only I could man up and tell him that's how I feel. But I think that would ruin my only other friendship in the region.

Been considering applying for another job, closer to Pittsburgh. I have a good idea of the pros and cons (my friend already works at the practice), but I haven't been able to take the plunge. The devil you know, I guess... IDEK

In more pleasant news, my XMFC Alex/Hank story that began with the very simple thought: "I want Hank to be really protective and badass, like a giant, blue guard dog" is now 4000 words and counting. Also, VACATION NEXT WEEK! I Cannot. Even. Wait.

True Blood

Jul. 10th, 2011 10:03 pm
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I just have one thing to say )

So, that was a bit more than one.

OH, and now new Entourage Sunday nights?? With Leverage, True Blood (and I may have started Falling Skies), that's like a total embarrassment of riches.
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Eight emergencies so far today. Twice I was called in to euthanize kittens hit by cars. Do. Not. Like. In happier news, I got to sleep the last two nights through. Here's hoping my luck holds up for the next two.

I did manage to catch all of True Blood, though and spoilers )

After the emergency that followed, I got stuck in a traffic jam because some moron decided to turn of two of the three stop lights in town for the fireworks... when literally EVERY car in the county was on the streets. The only point of living in a city that could fit inside a hobbit hole is that there isn't supposed to be any traffic. *grumble*

Okay, now back to X-men fic and bed.
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So after finally finishing the written series, I thought I would have a good idea of what's going on this season.

Oh, how wrong I was. :)

Spoilers and vamps and fairies, oh my! )

I think that's all. Is that all? I can hardly keep track of all the story lines these days. I love that they're showing everyone (although did I miss Alcide? or was he not in this one?) but it means less time for each story in the hour-long ep, and that much more longing for next week's. I'm debating trying to catch the next one early on HBO-Go...
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Six mimnutes!


Off call

May. 9th, 2011 07:56 pm
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Oh, it was glorious to hear of a an emergency this evening-- and learn that someone else was sent out to it! (I did offer if he was getting swamped, but he graciously let me off the hook).

And, to be fair, this weekend was really not too bad. I just wish that I could relax on the not-bad weekends on-call, but instead, I hover around my cell phone, go to bed early in the hopes that the night will pass faster, and stay close to home all day.


I've been re-watching True Blood in preparation for season four. Up to episode 2x06, and I have to say, there were more things I enjoyed (Godric, Eric, and Jason/Sarah Newlin) in season two than I remember. Mostly, I got bored with the nonstop maenad orgies. I know, it's especially sad when a show can bore you with orgies. But what what can I say?

Mostly, I miss my other vampire show on Monday nights-- the one that had me looking forward to Monday nights. (I need an icon for that). Oh, Being Human...


Hehehee Sam and Daphne are fucking on the pool table. I love it!


I worked in the garden for a while today, since it's finally sunny and lovely and springlike outside. Planted peas and broccoli and lettuce, and the rest of the seeedlings will go in the ground after Memorial Day weekend (and the last chance of frost around here.)

The other spring flowers are out, and the fruit trees are finally blossoming.

I love this part of spring, the part where the days are long and the skies are clear. Not the part where you're wading through inches of mud to get anywhere you're going.


ETA: And Jessica/Hoyt!! So much love! :)


Sep. 16th, 2009 12:05 am
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Hells, I should not be awake right now, but I'm buzzing and humming with energy despite the red wine in my blood. You know when something happens that transcends your expectations? And no matter how much you don't want to let it get to you, maybe it does?

Also, I've had far more liquid dinner than the solid kind.

I dunno.


Maybe I should take tomorrow off. Technically I'm supposed to every other week, but I only do it about one Wednesday a month.


I may or may not be working an spn/discworld crossover and regretting leaving my discworld novels back in New York.


I was spoilers ) by the True Blood finale. more spoilers )


I REALLY want to watch Star Trek reboot again. Do we really have to wait until november?!?
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1. Yes, Gin, I caught up. I swear, it's just 'cause I wanted to see what happens next. :P

2( to 6). spoilers )

7. In totally unrelated news, how much do I LOVE Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event?!? It's one of those few songs that just makes me want to run and soar.

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