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So, I'm not generally in a panic about getting older. For one thing, a birthday is just a marker, you're only one day older when it's done. For another, I am actually looking forward to the next decade as one that will bring good things (no exams, better income, more playtime, you get the idea)

That said, I'm suddenly in a bit of a panic over turning thirty this week. It's just... it's the number at wiich I was to supposed to have Things Figured Out. Needless to say, I so don't.

I'm also trying not to draw too much attention to the fact, or to particularly celebrate so please no happy birthday wishes, kay? Really. I'm just looking to be okay with the day, not excited about it. Just looking for a little pat on the shoulder with a "don't worry, be happy." "Thirty is the new twenty." or "Thirty happens to the best of us."


In other news, the 'g' key came off my keyboard and won't snap back on. Very frustrating.


Gonna go see X-Men first Class tomorrow. Am very excited for this.


Funniest emergency call of the week: "My cat is in raging heat and the intact male dog keeps humping her. Is that okay?"


Don't get BBCA. (allthough I do have it on-demand, go figure) So even though I'm home for once nd able to watch new Doctor Who, my plans are still thwarted.


Finished The Neon Court by Kate Griffin. My god, I am totally enamored with her conception of urban magic. Makes me want to move back to the city.
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So. It was a busy-as-hell weekend on-call, which is pretty typical of anyweekend where there's even a rough approximation of nice weather or sun outside. After a full day of seeing appointments saturday (8-4), I had 13 emergencies over the following 30 hours. That's a lot when you haven't had a day off and won't get on over the course of two weeks. (also, though I'm supposed to get a Monday of for every Saturday I work, apparently my boss figured that letting me take Memorial Day-- a NATIONAL holiday-- off counts as such. Gee, thanks.)


First, there's the guy who finds a cat in a ditch. The cat is trying to die (of hypothermia on an 80 degree day-- first clue that something is wrong with it), and he wants to bring it in. No, it's not his cat. No, he does not want to pay to have it seen. (Now he gets angry) Why won't *I* (or the vet clinic) take financial responsibility for it?? The guy goes on to say that I should see the stray cat at no charge because he's spent a lot of money at the clinic taking care of his own pets. Yeah, that was for services rendered.

As far as I'm concerned, this is like yelling at the clerk at the grocery store because he can't give you free food to give to the homeless family sitting outside, and then justifying that request because you've spent a lot of money at the grocery store feeding your own family.

In the end, the local Humane Society agreed to take on the cat, who really does have serious neurological deficits-- enough to make him a poor adoption prospect (and so he will be euthanized today if no owner steps forward). And I do tend to charge the minimum possible for my work on these cases anyway.

Which all goes to say, if you want to be a good samaritan but don't want to foot the bill, then at least support your local Humane Society when you can.


The next one was really rich. Guy1 lets his very large Bulmastiff/St. Bernard mix-type dog roam the neighborhood (trailer park). Extra-large dog has a history of attacking other local dogs (and one child, but that's heresay). Extra large dog goes ahead and attacks neighbor's pit bulls. Neighbor's wife gets bitten trying to separate them. Neighbor finally resorts to beating extra large dog off with a rake. Neighbor brings dogs into me for treatment. (They're mostly just banged and bruised up-- tough dogs.) They tell me this story and that they're taking Guy1 to court.

Guy1 calls about an hour later, tells me his dog got out, attacked neighbor's dogs, and got beaten with a rake. Now extra-large, aggressive dog is growing at Guy1's kid. He has no money to pay me, no checking account, no friends to lend him anything.

And he proceeds to YELL at ME for letting his dog suffer. It was all I could do not to offer euthanasia (for free) because no dog that dangerous needs to be running around with an owner that ignorant. People like that make me hate my job, and make it hard to focus on the really good pet owners out there.


Missed Game of Thrones last night, due to emergency load. Today is going to be crazy busy. Then hopefully tonight I can sleep.
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So I got home a little late this evening and quickly fed all the animals... when it took Henry longer than usual to eat, I actually looked at him.


never a dull moment )

On the plus side, though, I got the new SPN DVDs!! Had to watch the gag reel first, because who doesn't need a laugh after a night in the ER. cut in case dorking out over the gag reel constitutes spoilers )

I think I have to go watch it again.
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After seventy hours of work in the last week and change, I'm finally ready to start my break, and it's the most thrilled I've felt in a long while.

Back is nearly all better. Wine is definitely uncorked. Plots are burning in my brain. There are movies to watch and trails to walk and I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week.

The last night of work (tonight) was... interesting. cut for the squeamish )

Two quick questions:
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Okay. I think that's enough for tonight.

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