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It's almost time for vacation! I leave Friday after work. [ profile] ignipes is going to mind (or rather, serve at the pleasure of) my several opinionated pets. They can't wait.

In the meantime, today was rather productive in terms of doing laundry (I am somewhat compulsive about returning home to clean bedsheets after a vacation), waxing (SO many places. The joys of beach trips at the end of winter), repotting most of my seedlings. Still need to pack and do nails--mostly because I'm on call tomorrow night, so my time is entirely at the mercy of the western PA pet population.

I may get off work early tomorrow if I can finish my surgeries quickly, though. I've a few neuters and some cats to declaw. Have I mentioned recently how much I hate declaw-ing cats? I hate it. It especially burns me that some of our owners elect not to pay for pain medication for their declawed cats. I'd like to amputate each of their fingertip without pain medication. (I generally find a way to sneak it to the kitties regardless.) But if there's a hell designed by cats, that's where i'm going, to be tortured by the severed claw tips for all eternity.

While we're at it, I also hate doing puppy tail docks and dew claws...


As a total aside, I miss Being Human. Nothing to look forward to on Monday nights, now.

Can we have a ficathon or something? Keep them alive!


Um. I think that's all I have to say, except that this April's freezing showers are gonna bring up May flowers that take no prisoners. And can survive underwater.
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Wow. I can hardly see from my door to the trees out back. Hello late February blizzard (beaten only by the traditional late MARCH blizzard).

Actually, we've only had a couple of inches so far. And it should make for decent x-country skiing this weekend.

And more importantly: I GET THREE WHOLE DAYS OFF!!

You guys, I'm so excited that not even a little blizzard can get in the way of my fun. And it would totally be four days if I hadn't driven the vet truck home last night, because my little Saab would never make it down the road in this stuff. In the truck? I have no excuse but to go to work today.

That and every other doctor is either coming from/going to/or at a conference.

Anyway, last night on call was mercifully quiet. In fact it was the first night in about a week that no one called to wake me up at two in the morning (last night was a whelping. He called back at three am to let me know she had the puppy. Joy.) Someone did call at six, basically to tell me their dog was not right. (Although they couldn't tell me what was wrong with it, either. Love that. I say; bring it in during office hours plsthnx.)

Yup. Definitely time for a day off. And I have Being Human fic almost done! It's a coda to 1x06 and will mosed assuredly be Carvered (is that a word? Can we make it one?) on Monday, but in the meantime, I'm having a great time giving Sally a real friend she can touch and everything-- even if that means torturing Josh even more than usual.
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It was freezing and bloody SNOWING when I woke up this morning, and it's supposed to be near 80F by Friday. WTF, weather?

Re senioritis: I just dropped my 8:00am class at about 7:00am, because I didn't really feel like going and didn't need the credit. It's only four lectures. This is about the laziest I've ever been.

In other news, my senior seminar went okay yesterday (no voice shaking, few nervous giggles) although I kinda bored myself in the middle of it. That's never a good sign...

In other, other news, Happy Supernatural Day!
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This weekend it is going to hit seventy degrees for the first time in 191 days, and I gave my first epidural injection to a cow. (the one really has nothing to do with the other, except they both make me happy)

When you see this on your flist, make a post and quote Supernatural in your journal.

My daddy shot your daddy in the heeeaad

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