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Wow, long time no update.

1) Christmas was good. Family came, minimal drama, only about five emergencies.

2) Made out with: smartwool socks (no kidding, this is my always-a-hit gift), popsicle kit, books, pats cap, and most importantly, help with student loans.

3) Decided I need to go on a diet-- all my non-stretch pants are feeling tight. If I was going to design a new diet fad, I would start with a group of foods I HAD to eat every day, and if I was still hungry, I'd worry about the counting and points and stuff.

4) Things I'm looking forward to in January: White Collar, Being Human, all the cool shows.

4) I dunno what else I have to say.
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s'ok, Am I the only watching Franklin and Bash this summer? Because it's ten kinds of awesome (the kind of awesome lawyer/buddy drama that likens the two main characters to their agoraphobic paralegal's two gay dads) and it's Zach from Saved by the Bell showing off his abs to Travis (Brekin Meyer) from Clueless, while they're supposed to be working for Ari's old boss from Entourage and they may all be type-cast, but who cares if the types work well together? and yeah, did I mention awesome?

*goes looking for icons*

What? I need something to pass the time until Peter and Neil are friends again (the kind of friends who don't suspect the other of trying to pull a major con over their eyes and who aren't trying to pull said con) on White collar

Good Lord, my non-professional life is fully ruled by television, isn't it? and yet, aside from 4-5 hours/week, I have to say that there isn't all that much on...

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