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So, I worked all Thursday, napped a little in the evening, and woke up at midnight to drive to Philadelphia for an interview at eight Friday morning.

It was, far and away, the most positive utter rejection a person could receive. Seriously. I interviewed with everyone in the department and managed to feel that the fact I don't have a snowball's chance in hell at getting the position (this year) isn't personal at all. Plus, I came away with a lot of advice to burnish my CV for next year. I don't know why I'm not disheartened, but I'm not.

Going to try to schedule a few more of these before the match. Just because.


Anyway, I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with vet school friends who live in the city, saw the sights, and drove back this afternoon/evening.

So it was a good trip, even if I didn't exactly get the response I was hoping for.


Just made myself a hot toddy (er, if that's what you call a cup of chamomile with honey and a shot of whiskey. Mmmmm) and am settling in for a night of rereading favorite fanfic, watching Leverage and Once, and generally enjoying myself.


The best thing about having tomorrow off is 1) I can clean the house and write a major todo list and 2) I can stay up late tonight doing whatever I want. That's one of the best feelings in the world.


That todo list includes running errands that, net net, are going to bust the budget. Ah well, that's December for you.

It also includes Christmas Cards. See this post, if you want to exchange some!


How're you all?
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Jeez, is every dog in the friggin COUNTY gonna be hit by a car this week?

Prompt me!

Nov. 13th, 2011 07:00 pm
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So, I made a Big Life Decision (tm) today, and am very pleased with it. So pleased that, instead of the procrastination new-job applications have received over the last few weeks, residency applications went fast and smooth as glass today. So, yeah, I can't believe it, but I'm very excited about the idea of going back to school (again) for a residency in diagnostic imaging. If I get it (very competetive, so it's a slim chance, but still a chance), I would be a veterinary radiologist in three and a half years. So... yeah. :)

I'm feeling really good about it. Even if it doesn't pan out, I'm feeling really good about knowing that I feel good about it. So it's a win-win.


Anyway, I feel like writing little fannish blurbs while I do my letter of intent. So... prompt me!

You probably know the fandoms, but: XMFC, Being Human US, Good Omens, Firefly, Inception, Vampire Diaries, True Blood are the ones I'm thinking about most recently.
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It's been a week.

  • I got out on-time today, but am about to be called back in to euthanize and decapitate a stray dog that bit some people for rabies testing (yes, you did read that right. Is it any wonder horror movies make no impression?)

  • Had a bunch of surgeries. Tapped the pericardium (sack that encloses the heart) on a dog I've been treating for a while. This procedure always makes me hold my breath but feel really accomplished when it's a) over and b) the dog improves.

  • Got totally hoodwinked by a guy on only compounds bad-luck in dating recently. I'm about to get to the point of not bothering anymore. Unless something (someone) good happens soon.

  • Going to visit my aunts in western MA this weekend. I'd like to end up living/working in the Berkshires, so this is a feel-it-out trip I'm looking forward to. I hope I make the plane tomorrow; since my colleague is going to be at a hearing most of the afternoon, I'll be covering appointments, so it's going to be close.

  • Got a lot written on my Alex/Hank epic. I left it alone for a while and enjoyed re-reading it. That's a good sign, right?

Hope you all (that's younz in Pittsburghese) are having a good one!


Oct. 15th, 2011 08:46 pm
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For what it's worth, I do understand that the veterinary-approved flea products are more expensive than the Walmart (Hartz, Sargents, Bio-spot etc.) ones, but a visit to the veterinarian is more expensive than that.

As a vet who's lost many hours of sleep and free time to sick cats in the last week after application of one of these OTC products, PLEASE consider using Frontline, Advantage, Revolution, or Vectra on your kitties. They do work. (I would know. I hate fleas and get covered by them from unprotected animals at work every day. I have never seen one on my pets. I use product year-round.) They are safe when used as labeled. And I make no money from the companies.

You can walk into the office to pick them up. You don't need an appointment. There are lots of deals and promotions now that there are so many competing on the market; just ask.

Please? I'd like fewer fleas and fewer sick kitties in the world.


In other news, I'm on call this weekend and hoping it's a quiet one. The phone's been ringing off the hook. I'm currently waiting for one guy to decide whether he's bringing in the cat who seems toxic after multiple flea dips and baths today. *facepalm*
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It's odd, but after a week/weekend on-call, Monday is the greatest word.

Last weekend was a bit rough (as anyone who caught my Saturday night post can attest). I worked a normal half-day Saturday, back home around two, then pretty much straight through from four pm to four am. I also killed (euthanized) the vast majority of my patients. That, after a busy Friday night, left me on my last nerve. Luckily, I only had one major call on Sunday night. Luckily it was a horse (I have infinite patience for horses relative to other animals). Then after work this evening, I was off!

Oh. Except for when my neighbor brought me a dying kitten to take care of, after her son motored over it in his PowerWheels car. I kid you not.

This is actually my life. *facepalm*

(I took the kitten to euthanize. Because I really am doctor death. I told her to tell her son we tried CPR to revive it. I am a lying liar.)


I spoke to my boss last week about what her plans were for my colleague's maternity leave. Um. The plan was to have me and her husband split on-call duty 50/50 for six weeks. I'll be paid more for the time, but I'm not sure money is worth the basket case I know I'll be (we currently split emergency duty three ways, and that seems like too much many days. See: last Saturday for example).

I suggested as much to her. I guess we'll see what happens...


I started dating someon new. I think I really like him, you guys!

That hasn't happened in, no joke, like ten years.

I guess, worst case scenario, at least I know I still have a heart? But best case scenario, I also get to have some fun. :)


I think that's all. I really want to finish one of the open stories on my desktop. The Charles/Erik one is proceeding in a slow, linear fashion. I think it's funny how each story develops so differently because the Hank/Alex one is written beginning to end, but each time I go through it I add new layers of characters and voice and... I don't know, but I'm rather enjoying the (also slow) process.
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Just because OMG the cute. I have to check in to see whether she made it today. (That's the chest tube sticking out of her side.) behind the cut )
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So I don't think I mentioned last week that I removed a little tumor off of Henry's abdomen. Everyone told me I was being paranoid, that it hadn't grown in the months (about 5) since I found it, that it was probably a little lump of tissue, no big deal. Anyway, I just didn't like the look of it, I felt like cleaning his teeth, and since I'm the vet, I could knock out both birds with one stone.

Anyway, figuring my piece of mind was valuable, I sent it off to the lab to identify.

And it came back Grade II Mast Cell tumor.

Now, this isn't as bad as a grade III, and of the grade II's, it had a low mitotic index (rate of division), but I had minimal margins (only 2-3mm) so according to most of the literature out there, if I go back and take 10-20mm more tissue, this should be a done deal without going to radiation or chemotherapy.

I guess I'm glad I know?

On Tact

Jul. 4th, 2011 10:16 pm
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It's the Fourth of July, and a farmer calls me out to his farm to go see his calf, informing me that if this was simple, he would've treated it himself, because it's difficult (aka the calf was pretty much in its death throes when I got there) he doesn't think it's worth it to have me out at all, but it's his daughter's animal and she wants the vet out to do what we can.

I give it the old college try (not overly optimistic, but sometimes we get lucky).

ANYWAY, afterwords, I'm cleaning up, standing around with the farmer's buddies, and they're talking about the 'damn environmentalists' who ruin farmland to preserve silly things like endangered species' habitat and water resources. They move on to the damn 'city folk' who use up water etc. that should be better used for crops (nevermind that the crops are only valuable insofar as you have an urban population to purchase them. But I digress.)

It comes up in conversation that I'm from NYC.

The old farmer's reply: "Son, you called the wrong vet out. This girl's from the city; she doesn't know anything about animals."

I mean, really, who says that to someone's face-- someone who's spent the last twelve years working on farms even if I spent the first eighteen in a big city? Someone who has many more years of medical education than he ever will? What does he even know about me? NOTHING EXCEPT I CAN TREAT A CALF HE CAN'T.

They go on to tell me about Skinner's Box and how it "prooved" that you could reproduce all of the Urban Vices such as homosexuality, homelessness, etc. by cramming a bunch of rats into a box where originally just a few rats thrived.


Actually, Skinner was studying operant conditioning, which is something else entirely.


He goes on to tell me about those old Jay Walking skits from the Tonight show, wherein the people in NYC couldn't name the president, but they knew the latest American Idol winners and how this proves that people in cities have no idea what's important in life.

I say again. WHAT THE FUCK? It's not like I walked onto his farm, on a holiday, because I wanted to treat a dying calf and then started ranting about the uneducated, unemployed, meth-addict rednecks I come across every day in rural PA. I mean, really.

I had no idea how to respond, so I told him that there's a lot of good about both places. I wouldn't give up my upbringing in the city for anything, and he had lovely berries on the farm. Then I wished him a happy holiday and managed not to hit his Chrysler 300 as I was backing out.

Do these people even realize how profoundly rude and insulting they are? Or were they raised in a barn? (heheee)
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Eight emergencies so far today. Twice I was called in to euthanize kittens hit by cars. Do. Not. Like. In happier news, I got to sleep the last two nights through. Here's hoping my luck holds up for the next two.

I did manage to catch all of True Blood, though and spoilers )

After the emergency that followed, I got stuck in a traffic jam because some moron decided to turn of two of the three stop lights in town for the fireworks... when literally EVERY car in the county was on the streets. The only point of living in a city that could fit inside a hobbit hole is that there isn't supposed to be any traffic. *grumble*

Okay, now back to X-men fic and bed.
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I don't know about Karma, but sometimes you have one of those afternoons.

Most of my surgeries went quickly through the morning, then got hung up on the final cat dental (didn't end up doing it due to some underlying conditions). Finally hit the road for my farm calls around two.

Got lost while on the phone with my tech discussing another, really frustrating case. (Whoever says cell phones aren't a distraction while driving is totally BS-ing-- I may not have ever hit anything, but I've certainly *missed* a lot of turns.)

Found the farm. Examined the horse. Owner was oddly insistent that I be careful maneuvering around- I assumed because there were broken boards in mud on the ground. I made sure only to step on solid boards... right onto a 2-inch rusty nail that went through my sole and up into my foot.

Luckily, I am a doctor. And also up to date on tetanus vaccinations. (Also, it only made it about 1/4 inch into flesh. Not so bad, all things considered. The shoes were ready for retirement anyway.) So I patched it up and got on with the day. I tried not to make the owner feel too guilty, although I did point out that while a nail in my foot is no big deal, the same injury could be life-threatening to her horse.

That must've gotten me bad karma because the 'low fuel' light went on on my there. Generally, I've driven the truck for about 30-40 minutes after the light goes on (because that can be the distance to the next gas station) and had no issue. Not today. Finished my second call, and about five miles from the farm and five more from the gas station, the truck died.

Luckily, it was during a break in the massive thunderstorms we've had. Luckily two guys (fireman and military respectively) stopped to help me push the truck off the road. Luckily one of them (fireman) spared fifteen more minutes to run me to the gas station to get a can and some fuel, and I made it home eventually to feed my pets.

Oh, and on top of everything else, it's that time of the month.

So, yeah, one of those afternoons that was trying its damndest to be a really bad one, but all things considered, it turned out just fine. Go figure.


Jun. 18th, 2011 12:21 am
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Ninety-Hour workweeks SUCK.

That is all.


Managed to make some flax and sunflower seed bread tonight as well as friendship bread (they've both been on slow-rise cycles over the last few days)

The sunflower bread tastes awesome. The crumb is beautiful, although I think I killed a lot of the really big air pockets in my shaping process. (I'm not very good at shaping my loaves.) The only thing I wasn't impressed with was the lack of beautiful toasting on my crust. I mostly attribute this to cooking it in an electric oven with no baking stone...


Also this week I:

Gave good people bad news.

Took a corn cob out of a yellow lab's inside.

Had *another* parvo dog (per the owner, dog was up-to-date on vaccinations... when it was *six* weeks old! Guess what, those don't even *count* when he's eleven months.)

Bred a mare (who had better ovulate tonight)

Played with an elk fawn. OMG CUTE!,


Going to sleep now. (Working this weekend as well, but at least I'm not on overnights. The 24/7 thing is killer.)
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So many things.

1) The puppy I was fostering has been claimed by her original owners (the ones arrested, presumably on a drug charge, given where I live) and so I have to give her up again. Not sure how I feel about this.

2) Can't wait to see this week's Doctor Who. I was away the night it aired. But reading some fanfic-- and this is one of those things about fandom-- made me fall in love with the characters despite the frequent idiocies of the script itself, all over again. I really like this doctor, along with Amy and Rory, and I forget that sometimes. And I guess that seeing it through other fans' lenses is part of what makes fandom so great.

3) Been rereading A Madness of Angels in preparation to read the third book of the series The Neon Court, and I remember just how much I enjoyed Matthew Swift, too. It's basically a Love This Fictional Character week for me.

4) Decapitated a horse today (after it was already dead by my hand, of course). That was awkward. I suspect it had tetanus, but without a valid rabies vaccination (and given that rabies causes neurological disease not entirely unlike tetanus ANd that the there were about half a dozen human exposures if it was rabid), I had to submit the head to the state deptartment of ag for rabies testing. So, yes, "Hi, I have to euthanize your horse and cut off it's head in your yard. Sorry about the mess."

Luckily the student riding with me today was a good sport about the whole thing (being exposed to a possible rabies suspect as well as cutting off its head), so I took her out for ice cream afterwards. What? It was like ninety degrees out, and decapitation is hard work!

Moral of the story: VACCINATE, PLEASE! (for tetanus as well as rabies)

5) I really want to finish my Being Human/Inception crossover (see point #2)

6) Planted my little corner of the gardens in the backyard today. My landlord has plans for the other two big plots. But In mine, the tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and various herbs are already thriving. yay! (the peas never sprouted, the lettuce is mad about the weather, and the broccoli is coming along slowly. I was late planting the garlic and onion.)

7) Officially in-training for the next half-marathon in September. I meant to run today, but it was already pushing ninety by seven this morning. I think tomorrow will be a little more temperate.

8) Went on a 12 mile bike ride yesterday with a buddy who cycles 30 miles (in an hour) just for fun. I was totally outclassed, but it was fun all the same.

9) Been looking through pictures that people on our boat took during my vacation last month. Gosh, it's nice to relive. Scuba diving is a brilliant sport!

I think that's all. Hope everyone's having nice day!
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By some miracle, my parvo puppy this week survived. She's still in the hospital and not quite eating yet, but looking a heck of a lot better.

I also saw to kitties poisoned by pyrethrins (which you might recognise from the "environmentally friendly 'natural' chemical insecticide advertisement") on emergency. When they came in, with uncontrolled full body muscle tremors, I thought they were a lost cause. They went home this afternoon!

I had my first uterine torsion (when the whole thing flips over during labor and she can't deliver the calf) on a cow and no senior vet around to help me out. The bad: I shattered the calf's leg with my chains trying to de-torse it (it was already dead). The good: the farmhands and I finally got it out. I did feel all James Harriot laying flat out in the poop trough behind the down cow, shoulder deep (with both arms) inside her, trying to free this dead calf for two hours.

Almost done with the weekend on-call.
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Made it!

It was a close thing, too. After the first TWELVE HOURS of my trip, I had made it though two flight delays, two missed connections, and exactly two (driving) hours away from where I had started.

US Airways was singularly unhelpful.

My cat went roughly 24 hours stuck in his 15-inch carrier (he's about 15 inches himself) with no litterbox access because every. single. person. at the airport seemed shocked and amazed to learn that you couldn't let a cat out to relieve himself in the airport mandated rock lawn-for-dogs.

I think he survived the experience intact, but am just waiting for him to get a UTI. (After which I will send a bill for my services in treating it to the airline thankyouverymuch.)


From the moment I got off the plane, I remembered what humidity was. Not gonna lie, I rather miss not having to don a winter coat for a rainstorm.

The house is nice, but not exactly decorated to my personal asthetic. I'm not sure how much I can change (like removing the pink-flower-and-lace curtains) without insulting the landlords. I suspect much of it will be stored, if for no other reason, than so that my cats cannot scratch it.


Clearly, because I arrived today around noon rather than last night around midnight (as originally ticketed) I did not start work today as planned. I kind of don't know what to do with myself. I can only do so much unpacking before my furniture arrives...

No TV yet. But obviously the internet is working!

Maybe I'll just have a glad of wine and take the night off. Now there's an idea!
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Two days til test day! whee!!

I've been slogging through these notes like a slogging thing. It happened to be a GORGEOUS (if interminably slow) day and apparently while I was out studying in the grass, my kitty was inside, studying some grass of her own... aren't they cute when they're stoned? )

good lord, I can't wait until this is done and I can cruise into the city for a few days of running in Central Park and reading whatever I want and walking and window shopping in midtown and maybe actually writing something! (Do those of you still doing the school thing find it incredibly difficult to mass memorize and be creative on the same day? Because I do. Not to say that this field doesn't require creative thinking; it does. It just requires you memorize heaps of information before you can apply them in any meaningful way. And I'm not quite there yet.)

And just because it's cute, the little piggy that could. I wish they didn't have to grow up )

Is it Thursday yet? I've been watching the director's cut for this week kind of compulsively and all I have to say is...Not really a spoiler, but-- )
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I don't want to talk about the last day and a half, but I thought I'd post pictures of this weekend's babies instead!

You know what they say about long legs )
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Resolutions are made to be broken. I was gonna stay away, but I had to share:


(not grass people. Note the punctuation; makes all the difference in the world.)

Seriously, GRASS!! It was raining and now it's sunny and spring-smelling. The pets are shedding and my doggie's bum stopped exploding, and I don't care if I have to work until three in the morning; it's Friday and it's the GREATEST DAY EVER!

One of the mares foaled this morning at four-thirty. Happy healthy baby. Pictures to come.

I also have random episodes of Supernatural running while I check my email, and that scene from Scarecrow came up. You know the one... I love our boys so much and I love my f-list too. You guys are love. And it's spring.

This concludes today's public service announcement.

baby goats!

Jan. 4th, 2007 12:53 am
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I was going to start a new journal for stories and pictures from work, but I got lazy, so here we are.


In other news, I got kicked by a horse I was walking today. Now tell me, who on earth gets cowkicked by a HIND hoof MID-BACK while walking at the animal's SHOULDER? Seriously. The odd thing is that when I move, it doesn't hurt at the kick site, but about eight inches lower on my back. I'm thinking maybe it tweaked a nerve or spasmed a muscle and hopefully will fade in a few days.

Not a bad day, though, because: did you SEE those kid goats?

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