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Apparently we have two choices come 2012:

1a. Elect a Republican and forward the Conservative Whackjob Agenda(tm)

corollary to 1a, 1b. Re-elect Presidnt Obama and forward the Conservative Whackjob Agenda (with righteous indignation under the guise of a right-shift compromise.)

2. Or move to Canada.



In other news, I have a question regarding XMFC fic:

Let me preface this by explaining that I waste a whole lot of writing time checking the date of common-use slang, technology, etc. and that's without even *trying* to make it period-specific. That's just knowing that the walkman wasn't released until the 1970's

[Poll #1766227]


And, finally, a rec:

Old Metal (Blood, Memory, and Rubber Ducks) by [ profile] pprfaith

It's Charles/Erik-Lensherr x Erik Northman (True Blood). It's labelled as crack, but it's the kind of crack that makes my blood run cold, it's such a good story in its own right. The two Eriks are so well blended into one character, I didn't even know whose face to imagine while I was reading. Charles was flawless Charles.

The statement was bland, but Erik couldn’t quite help the shiver that passed down his back. Beautiful, skilled, useful and his. Greed, yes. It had always been his favorite of the Christians’ deadly sins, so very inherent in a vampire’s nature. Taking was what they did and Erik wanted this telepath.

Go! Encourage MORE of this!

:D :D :D
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When I wasn't diving last week, I was reading. Oh, vacation is SO good.

Anyway, this is a quick review of the ones I read.

How to Survive in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Wu

Recommended by [ profile] ignipes. I'm not gonna lie, I don't know that I entirely understood everything that was going on in this one. It's a story about a guy and his father, about science and fiction, about time travel and exploration and getting to know yourself. I could call it Douglas Adams with daddy issues, but it's really so much more. There's some brilliant meta and some confusing meta and wrapped up in all, I think there might be the meaning of life.

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

This one I couldn't put down and finished in less than 24 hours. I was hoping the scheme at the end would be a little... cleverer? But the world was so well crafted and richly imagined, I couldn't get enough. It's fun and raucous, violent and honestly, pretty clever. And if we're NOT supposed to be slashing Jean and Locke (cohabitating, codependent guys who always have each others' back), then I must not be reading what I think I am. *g*

The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason

This was beautiful, evocative prose to a well-researched, unique story. It's about a British Army medic who uses music to negotiate peace amongst various factions in Burma and Siam (parts of India and Thailand as far as I can tell) and convinces the army to send him first a grand piano, then a tuner to the rain forest to facilitate his work. At least that's how it begins. It's told from the POV of the tuner, and the journey changes everyone's lives involved.

A Cottage by the Sea by Ciji Were

Okay, I only actually read the first 150 pages of this one. So far it's about a hollywood divorcee who goes to get away from the tabloids to a remote cottage in Cornwall where there's a handsome landed widower who's fallen on hard times. And their budding relationship conjures the ghosts of their ancestors' (did I mention that they're distant cousins?) It was a Possession ripoff, but not as well written. Um. Lame romance. I gave up.

The Bone Palace by Amanda Downum

So this book is the second in the Necromancer chronicles. The first (The Drowning city) was pretty cool, which is why I picked this up. This one was a hell of a lot better. Especially (and I don't usually weigh in on the gender-bias-in-science-fiction debate because I usually miss a the point most of the time anyway but) in its portrayal of women. So the main character (same from the last) is a crown Investigator, Spymaster in training, and also a necromancer. She's always been handled as a capable woman, but in the first book she was surrounded by men. In this one, I was struck (pleasantly) by the plethora of strong female (and androgynous) secondary characters. The world building and story are also pretty good, but it was the characters that interested me more.

Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor

Where do I even begin? This story is beyond amazing. I love the world, the imagery, the magic, the richness of place and culture and character. This was another recommendation by [ profile] ignipes. It's a different world than I've ever known or imagined, and it's realized so completely I really felt every page.

Anyway, I'm also about 5000 words into my Hank/Alex plotty story that basically begins with the idea I want Hank guarding Alex like a big, blue, furry Doberman and about 3000 words into my Charles/Erik, reconciliation/time-travel fic wherein Erik has cause to be somewhat jealous of the relationship between Charles and his own, older self. Only in X-men fic, I swear.

I ALSO missed a VERY important birthday when I couldn't get internet last week. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] deirdre_c! You're one in a million. Can I take requests for gift?
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I was just thinking of this end of the world scenario, after [ profile] ignipies asked about our favorites the other day. and, I dunno, it just felt oddly right.


read at your own risk )


gosh, that's kind of disturbing.
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After trying on approximately half a GAZILLION dresses yesterday (which would have been unbearable if not for the maid-of-honor, who I like immensely and has a similar figure to mine-- so we could joke all day about not being able to fit our boobs into various gowns), we selected a bridesmaid dress.

this one )

I'm officially about 8k words behind schedule for my [ profile] getyourwordsout challenge. I've got a few projects in the works, but they're coming along rather slowly. (This may or may not have something to do with having 12-16 hours of hospital rotation every day... slightly less on weekends.)


I want to play a game.

Prompt me with two people (either from fandoms I know or characters you invent in a sentence or less), a place, and a thing, and I will do my best to come up with a story for them. One per day. All week long.

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S'omg, I just had this idea.

I know I'm not the only one out there who has had trouble writing and/or finishing things lately, so I was thinking: I'd really like to write a story where I didn't have to be responsible for the whole thing.

How, you ask? )

Whew, after all that, this seems like an ambitious project even before it starts, but I think it could go several ways. It could be a BLAST. It could be no fun at all, just me writing with myself and continuing to get nowhere. OR, it could be a blast then fizzle out and go nowhere.

Which basically means there's about a 66% chance to have fun. I'm willing to take it. Anyone else interested?

*listens to the echoing silence*

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I just had a BREAKTHROUGH idea for my [ profile] reel_spn story (which I'm certain is overdue). Now I just have to write the darn thing.

Because I can't resist sharing the love )

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