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Guh. So I might've spent most of Sunday (when not seeing to various and sundry emergencies) mainlining most of S1 and S2 Supernatural. Not gonna lie, it was great to go back and remember why that was such a fantastic show. I ought to do it more often.

In retrospect, though I enjoyed through about season 5, it did start to lose some of its... hold? or whatever during S3. But then there was the Christmas episode and... Guh. Boys.

Um, so yeah. I kinda want to go back and read really early fanfic.


Also been watching some X-men cartoons in the background. Blame it on Netflix's Watch!Instant offering and the utter lack of anything more interesting (*cough*republican debate or X-factor) on TV. They're a little awesome, though I have to giggle when I read that the target gemographic is boys age 8-10. Hee! :0

Oh, and in other Netflix-availabe cartoons (I swear this is relevant), Jensen Ackles was pretty sweet as Batman's nemesis in Under the Red Hood


Okay, that's all. Happy hump day.


Sep. 11th, 2011 06:57 pm
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Days since I've had the XMFC blu-ray: 2
Number of times I've re-watched it: 3 (and the commentary. and the deleted scenes-wtf!)
Number of fics currently in progress: 4

Getting to see crossdressing!Eric in bed with Charles: Priceless


The helmet makes whomever's wearing it look like they have a little piggy snub-nose. I think therein lies its secret power. *g*


I've mostly been doing very little this weekend, and it's glorious. Cleaning house. Drying tomatoes and peaches for winter, freezing corn, baking bread, watching mindless TV, reading and writing.


Half-marathon in one week. I'm sorta-kinda ready. I think. Not to set a PR or anything, but at least to finish respectably.

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Title: Hall Monitor (Hank McCoy & Josh Radcliffe)
A/N: Before you ask, yes, “Comparing notes” is exactly what the kids are calling it these days. 150 words :-)

This one yours? Genetics and Retroviral DNA, haven’t read that yet… )


Title: Feathers and Dust (Darwin & Death of the Endless)
A/N: So this isn’t really just a conversation, but dialogue is much more difficult to write when neither character is currently in possession of a pair of vocal chords. 270 words

For a long time—as much as time has any meaning here—there’s nothing but the sound of dust filtered through the eddies of wind off the wings of a flock of doves. )


Original prompt post
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Stupid question, but... If, in the comicverse, Alex is Scott's younger brother, but in the movies, Scott is a generation younger than Alex, not to mention the fact Moira was supposed to know about an even younger Summers brother:

[Poll #1762813]
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On call again this weekend, but not tonight and I have Monday off entirely (first day off since June 26), so it should be okay. Only one emergency last night; a brown recluse spider bite.


Posted some XMFC fic the other day, Alex/Darwin. Now I think I need to write myself some Alex/Hank and to give it a happy ending.


Speaking of, well not really, I was definitely laughing out loud to this Tumblr feed. *is easily amused by James McAvoy's bright blue eyes*

I may not totally understand how Tumblr works, but I'm not above enjoying it some days.


Thank you [ profile] midnitemaraud_r, for the smootch! (She also posted a link to a really neat article on fandom and fanfic the other day. Check it out.)


You know, I m actually really enjoying summer-season TV this year. Between White Collar, Suits, Franklin and Bash, Leverage and True Blood, I might even venture that I watch more television now than during the regular season with its endless swaths of reality...


Have a good weekend!
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Oy, here goes, dipping of toes into a new fandom. This isn't... happy? I wish it was, I wanted to make it, but then it ended up the way it wanted to be. Also, I need to get more XMFC icons, if anyone knows where to find pretty ones. Mostly, just need to get this off my plate so I can work on the long, plotty ones open on the desktop.

Title: Walls of Fire, Wings of Dust
Author: [ profile] krisomniac
Rating, Warning, Pairing: R, character death (as seen in the movie), Havok/Darwin
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it. I just play here.
Summary: Alex didn’t mean to get involved, didn’t mean to get attached, didn’t mean to be left with nothing at all.
Author’s Note: This is not my fault! It was the stomach-brush scene in the movie. I just filled in a few little gaps.

His whitewashed room at the compound is probably only ten by twelve, but even with blackout shades pulled tight over the two large windows, the space feels just this side of palatial. Alex paces it back and forth a couple of times, places his hands on the walls and leans into them, feeling plaster like dust and putty under his fingers. )
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Eight emergencies so far today. Twice I was called in to euthanize kittens hit by cars. Do. Not. Like. In happier news, I got to sleep the last two nights through. Here's hoping my luck holds up for the next two.

I did manage to catch all of True Blood, though and spoilers )

After the emergency that followed, I got stuck in a traffic jam because some moron decided to turn of two of the three stop lights in town for the fireworks... when literally EVERY car in the county was on the streets. The only point of living in a city that could fit inside a hobbit hole is that there isn't supposed to be any traffic. *grumble*

Okay, now back to X-men fic and bed.
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So, apparently, if you give me a night off after too many spent working, I can't help but spam the f-list.

I just want to record this bread recipe in case it turns out beautifully (it smells really good right now)

-3 1/4 cup King Arthur white flour
-1 cup King Arthur whole wheat flour
-1/2 cup milled flax seed
-1 cup whole raw sunflower seed
-1 tsp yeast
-1tsp salt
-2 1/2 cup warm water

Makes a VERY wet and sticky, good-smelling dough.

Let it set 5 minutes. Fold for 5 min. Rest 10 min. Fold 5 min. (repeat 1-3 times)

And it's in the refrigerator for the next two days until I'm ready to thaw, shape, proof, and bake it.


I'm working on an x-men first class story, but I really really want to rewatch the movie before I finish it. I wish you could get an advance digital d/l or DVd/Blu ray copy with ticket purchase...
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EEE!!! Just got back from it. Spoilers, duh )

I think that's all.

Is there a slashfic community for this movie yet?

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