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BSG - Okay, so I got to season three, and this is it. I'm done. spoilers )

Wolverine - Unlike BSG, this movie was AWESOMEPANTS. spoilers )
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In honor of this glorious day, I present a list of happy-making things:

1. Sun and warm, with breezes and open windows, and a forty degree rise in the mercury overnight.

2. Four weeks left until graduation aka DOCTOR day.

3. Not having to wait any longer for netflix to send the first disk of BSG s2.5, because HOLY SHIT that was a cliffhanger of doom. (Someone please tell me that Chief Tirol(sp) survives to the end of the series? Please? In this I am not spoiler-averse.

4. A bottle of Argentine wine (a Torrontes, perfect for a summer day) and dark chocolate with chili and cherries-- possibly the most complete and magically flavored chocolate I've ever had (with the exception of milk/lavender)

5. Being able to be the one who posts multiple times in a day, can comment to everyone on my f-list, and might even start writing again. :D

6. Knitting up my first wearable (i.e. non-accessory) garment.

7. One more class, meeting THREE times/week 'til I'm done. That's all, baby!

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housekeeping thingies.

1. ALMOST DONE. I've been in total and complete denial that my California board examination is on Friday, that I have to fly out there tomorrow to take it, and that I'm as far behind as I am in studying for it. I've been in such denial that I forgot to tell my aunt (who I'm staying with) when I was coming. *facepalm*

Sometime during all this, I have to finish the presentation I'm making to what feels like the entire school next week and get it to my advisor by Friday. I thought I had more time than this...

This goes on record as one of the stupider weeks of my life.

2. On the other hand, New York was fantastic last weekend. I had such a great time meeting and karaoke-ing with all you gals!

3. Umm... what's with the defection to Dreamwidth? Is LJ no good anymore? Because, honestly, I don't think I handle either making a whole new journal or losing everyone I know through this one. *sadface*
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I had two overnight shifts last Thursday and Friday while working full days Wed and Thurs. This amounted to roughly 48 hours straight, with small (2-3 hour) breaks for naps once or twice. I had been dreading it all week, but I really needed the money from the overnights so I agreed to take them on.

The cool thing? Was that the hospital was slow, the overnights were pretty relaxed, I set up a sleeping bag in my car to nap from 7am to 8am, I got out early on Friday afternoon for a few extra hours' sleep, and I had no major plans all weekend except brunch and wine tasting! All in all, it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared and was even pretty great in the end.

I love it when that happens.

In other news, I've been watching new TV! Dolls and Cylons, Bones and Kings. And I'm *not* afraid of spoilers )

In conclusion: there is lots of amazing and less-than-amazing TV to catch up on while waiting for new episodes of Supernatural, Merlin, and Being Human.

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