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This is in no particular order (well, alphabetical more or less) just an archive of the things I've written. For my own amusement more than anything else.

Being Human (US) )

Firefly )

Supernatural )

Harry Potter )

Heroes )

X-Men: First Class )

Random Crossovers - Good Omens, Firefly, SPN, Discworld )
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So... A little late, but can I venture that I'm so not a fan of the LJ comment-page redesign?

What's up with that? Is it going to to back? And is that why the mass-exodus to Dreamwidth?

Is it worth porting everything to DW? Thoughts?
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Title: Overnight Shifts (1/2)
Author: [ profile] krisomniac
Rating, Warning, Pairing, Disclaimer: G, none, none, not mine, just having fun
Summary: (Post- S1 season finale) Nora gets help from an unlikely source in dealing with the repercussions of seeing Josh transform. All is well and good until Josh figures out that something’s up.
Wordcount: ~3000 this half
Author’s Note: This has been sitting on my hard drive pretty much since last season ended. I figured I’d clean it up and post it before it gets swallowed by canon on Monday. YAY new season!

Sometimes the early morning hours, on those rare nights when the most critical patients are sleeping soundly and the ambulance bay echoes like an empty concrete cathedral, are the best, most serene moments of his day )

Merlin 4x10

Jan. 4th, 2012 11:35 pm
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All I have to say is, (and this isn't spoilery, because it's nothing we didn't know from episode one) )

You could replace the word 'training' in that sentence with 'big gay knights-of-the-round-table orgy' and achieve the same effect, the way he says it, like sex on a stick. ummm, yeah.

and also )
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So... so many things.

1. Saw War Horse last night. spoilers, but not really )

2. Read The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern. thoughts )

3. I knew, when I was saying all last week that 44 degrees and muddy was creepy for January, I would regret it. Today is bloody cold. And the new, energy star windows in the house are surprisingly drafty--I mean, like there's a cutting wind blowing through my room kind of draft.

4. I took off work early, because no more appointments were scheduled and since I just agreed to add a shitload more on-call in the spring (covering a colleague having a baby) I figured, what the hell. The extra emergency work means I'm going to be stressed out and kind of a beast for a few months but I'll be making more money and, if by some miracle, I get a residency spot, it'll be nice to save up some extra now.

5. So all I really want to do this afternoon is ski a little and curl up under the covers with some hot chocolate, a good book, and my dog. However, what I'm supposed to do this afternoon is drive to Ithaca for another interview tomorrow. If this one goes badly, I may just bag the third one next weekend, and look for another new job for the summer. These residency interviews are a lot of time and a whole lot of driving, and not worth it if I don't have a chance to begin with.

I'm being cynical. But also realistic, given the current market.
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But HAPPY NEW YEAR! all the same :)
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I don't even know what counts as spoilers for this one, but I've only seen through 4x09, and so that's all I'll mention here ).

And that's all I have to say about that. Will probably catch the rest sometime later this weekend, in which I have blissfully little planned. *can't wait*
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Wow, long time no update.

1) Christmas was good. Family came, minimal drama, only about five emergencies.

2) Made out with: smartwool socks (no kidding, this is my always-a-hit gift), popsicle kit, books, pats cap, and most importantly, help with student loans.

3) Decided I need to go on a diet-- all my non-stretch pants are feeling tight. If I was going to design a new diet fad, I would start with a group of foods I HAD to eat every day, and if I was still hungry, I'd worry about the counting and points and stuff.

4) Things I'm looking forward to in January: White Collar, Being Human, all the cool shows.

4) I dunno what else I have to say.
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Consider this a placeholder. Most live entries are still over at Krisomniac on Livejournal.


Dec. 21st, 2011 08:08 am
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Dear universe:

I realize I tempted you by admitting that I don't believe in jinxes and following that statement with one about how easy my on-call nights have been recently.

But did you really have to keep me at work until one this morning? With the final emergency of, no wait, get this: A dog with A BROKEN TOENAIL.

Heading off to morning appointments, exhausted,

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with all things fannish.

Christmas tree at least mostly decorated. Christmas table at least a little bit set. Work party attendd without incident. Outdoor lights strung but minus electricity. Porch light broken (while trying to replace bulb in the dark. don't ask) and replaced. Dryer not currently drying. Christmas cards written--need stamps. cooking started. On-call all week and through holiday. Family arrives on Friday. Sleep overrated.

A moment to read fanfic?



Dec. 14th, 2011 08:09 am
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So I had this totally unreal conversation with one of the staff members at the clinic yesterday. Now, I don't make a ton of money, but I make about three times what she does, and she's explaining to me that we need to have a flat tax across the country--one in which I would essentially cover LESS of the national tax bill. I was arguing that I *should* pay more because I've benefited from the system and more of my income is disposable. Really? What is wrong with this picture?
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Two more interviews scheduled for early January. No idea what kind of reception my application will receive, but what the hell, right?
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So, I worked all Thursday, napped a little in the evening, and woke up at midnight to drive to Philadelphia for an interview at eight Friday morning.

It was, far and away, the most positive utter rejection a person could receive. Seriously. I interviewed with everyone in the department and managed to feel that the fact I don't have a snowball's chance in hell at getting the position (this year) isn't personal at all. Plus, I came away with a lot of advice to burnish my CV for next year. I don't know why I'm not disheartened, but I'm not.

Going to try to schedule a few more of these before the match. Just because.


Anyway, I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with vet school friends who live in the city, saw the sights, and drove back this afternoon/evening.

So it was a good trip, even if I didn't exactly get the response I was hoping for.


Just made myself a hot toddy (er, if that's what you call a cup of chamomile with honey and a shot of whiskey. Mmmmm) and am settling in for a night of rereading favorite fanfic, watching Leverage and Once, and generally enjoying myself.


The best thing about having tomorrow off is 1) I can clean the house and write a major todo list and 2) I can stay up late tonight doing whatever I want. That's one of the best feelings in the world.


That todo list includes running errands that, net net, are going to bust the budget. Ah well, that's December for you.

It also includes Christmas Cards. See this post, if you want to exchange some!


How're you all?
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It's that time of year. If you want to exchange cards (or just want to get one from me) comment with your current address! All comments are screened.
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I kinda feel bad when I fail those computer generated "enter the letters you see in this scramble to prove that you're a person" tests...
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Jeez, is every dog in the friggin COUNTY gonna be hit by a car this week?


Nov. 15th, 2011 07:36 pm
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Does anyone else get the feeling that congress only shows up to work every day, essentially, to vote on whether they're going to bother to show up tomorrow?


That doesn't seem like a very good way to run a country.
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XMFC, disclaimers apply
Promptfic for [ profile] thistlerose
Alex is quite smart but he missed a lot of school, being in jail and all. He wants Hank to tutor him, but he can't just come out and SAY it because that would not be cool

~575 words

Electron Theory

Hank clenches his jaw and rubs a hand over his face. It still feels like someone else’s skin, someone else’s hand. )

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