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Pop culture update:

Clash of the Titans Not entirely sure what I'd be spoiling but... )

Supernatural more spoilers )

Real life update:

Today was a really good day. I spent it sight-seeing because, now that my departure date is set and tickets purchased (nonrefundable), it seems important to do all the things I always meant to while I was living in California. I only have one more weekend or so between now and then to do it all, too. Spent the morning finishing veterinary license applications, then went to see the mission in San Juan Bautista, went for a run, finished knitting this sweater and all but the sleeves on this dress, and rounded out the evening photographing sunset over the pacific. (I'd post pics but am feeling lazy. Just imagine waves, wildflowers, and sun.) Then ate yummy dinner a la Whole Foods and watched Star Trek Reboot for the umpteenth time. Good times, man.

Bring on Easter!
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First, a rec.

I spent the early morning reading [ profile] dotfic's The Syntax of Things, which I totally missed back in June, and its sequel A Better Fate than Wisdom. It picks up where season four left off and takes it to completely right places. It's Castiel/Dean, and makes it work with Jimmy, with dreams, with the distrust and complete openness that exists between them. At the same time, she manages to do more than justice to relationship between Sam and Dean at the core of everything.

Next, I started watching Dogma this evening. Good lord, I love that movie, and I would be such a happy fangirl if someone could find a way to crossover the two.

Third. I think I have mild acid reflux. This is new and unpleasant and might explain (along with the crazy schedule) why I've been losing weight recently? Not a lot, but disproportionate to the volume I've been eating.
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I realize I'm about the last person to mention that [ profile] remixredux09 has gone live.

I loved my story. Many thanks to whomever wrote it! It was a mix of one of the first SPN stories I ever wrote and so much fun to revisit. It got me thinking, in fact, that I should've been gutsier with mine. I think I was afraid to really take possession of someone else's work, so mine was more of a continuation of the author's story and less a remix-y remix. I think I might try again next year and really take the thing by the balls, so to speak. ;)

So go check it out: After All (Dying Whispers Desperate Murmurs Remix), (original here) it's dark and tragic and everything a remix should be.

In other news, I discharged most of my patients yesterday, so today was blissfully quiet enough to watch a movie. I just happened to be up to that moment in P.S. I Love You when JDM is introduced and despite my (unpopular fandom oppinion coming) not finding him particularly attractive in Supernatural, he gets my blood boiling with that sexy-horrible-fake Irish accent and guitar in this one.

I've been mainlining fic all day and LOVING IT. Congrats to everyone who finished the remix!
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BSG - Okay, so I got to season three, and this is it. I'm done. spoilers )

Wolverine - Unlike BSG, this movie was AWESOMEPANTS. spoilers )

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