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I have just a few things to say about TVD tonight. And they're definitely spoilery this time )


So far, only one emergency tonight. And she's fine. :)


In other, other news: it may take like four hours, but I really rally need to organize my tags. Gulp!
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So. Made it to the Pittsburgh airport thanks to [ profile] ignipes' braving about the worst (and only) traffic jam in rural western PA.

Also got my car to the dealership for what's going to be a painful (to my wallet) once-over (but will hopefully stop it from raining *into* the car)

Oh! And the flight just got delayed 20 minutes... Traffic? Nothing to worry about. ;) Especially when there's a grand total of about four people here anyhow.

Anyway, after crazy morning of fitting-all-appointments-into-shortened-day, traffic, and saying goodbye to pup (thank goodness I packed last night); Off to Vacation!


So, about that Vampire diaries episode )

In conclusion, brotherly incest is taking over my screen, and I'm not entirely sure I mind it. :)

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I'm officially a Neilsen family this week. Whoot!

I dunno how important the Neilsen ratings even are any more (since I assume the cable company records what you're watching every minute anyway, and I do so much of my viewing online...) but it's still exciting. It's like watching TV this week actually *matters*.

Anyway. That's all I have to share.

Oh! Except today I did my first foreign-body surgery in a dog (ate a ziplock bag full of I-don't-even-know-what.)

That and with regards to TVD: WOAH! Man, this show just doesn't let up for even a SECOND! I loves it, I do.

(But I still am secretly jonesing for next Monday's Being Human.)
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So I had this idea for a story (maybe in the Being Human universe, maybe not) where werewolves were free to change-- pain and all-- at any time. Only once they do, they lose control. And on the full moon, the effort to resist it is a whole lot harder, but not impossible.

It's too bad I don't really write anymore... (except in my head, of course)


Anyone else enjoying the Vampire Diaries marathon tonight?

PS: WHY does Damon/Elena turn me SO. DAMN. ON????


It was so cold out today, a vaccine I was mixing up on a farm call FROZE whilst I was drawing it into the syringe.

I mean. REALLY?

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