Feb. 22nd, 2011

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As if I couldn't love this show any more:


That is all I have to say (for now)
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First: To everyone in New Zealand, ♥

Second: Even though my dog woke me up every two to four hours last night to go outside (and had diarrhea all over my floor the one time I ignored it), it was still the best sleep I've had since early last week. Basically, the last weekend on-call sucked, with no break coming yesterday. Thankfully, one of my bosses agreed to care for my toxin-induced-seizure patient last night so I could (sort of) rest.

Oh, and I got my cell phone run through the washer (bye bye last two years worth of phone numbers). And, yeah, sick dog even at home (although it was his fault, the idjit, for eating the neighbor's bird suet...)

Here's to this week being better.
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I would consider this to be a productive day, especially considering that 1) it started with cleaning up dog dookie and 2) it's only day 2 off-call (the first is always a wash, the second usually so)

On the list of things accomplished:
- taxes filed
- electric bill paid
- appointments, daytime emergencies, and backlog of charts finished at work
- cross-country skiing after work
- seizure/toxin of unknown origin puppy almost ready to go home
- grocery shopping done, gas in the car (at $1.80/gallon, Go Feulperks!)
- cooked diner (thai curry) from scratch

Okay, so the phone I'd had for the last two-odd years committed death by washing machine. I'd been debating renewing my contract because of Verizon's data plan requirement with any* new phone. So, like a good little consumer, I caved and bought a smart phone (the Droid Incredible).

Maybe it was the adorable (and very married) salesman, but I'm really excited about it. Go figure. :D


ANYWAY, the point is; those of you whose numbers I had (you know who you are) or who just want to show up on my now-vacant contact list, I NEED your info again.

If you could email it to Krislaughs@gmail.com so I can put it in my google contacts and automatically import it into the phone (yep. It really is smart), I would be ever so much obliged. *bats eyelashes*


In other news, Glee tonight was AWESOMESAUCE!

All I could think, when Kurt challenged his dad to 'do his research', was that if I had a gay child, all those years of reading slashfic would totally pay off. :D

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