Mar. 17th, 2011

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God, the news coming out about the brave men and women working to prevent worse nuclear disaster in Japan.

It just. I have no words. I salute them.
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Well, only half, but I'll kiss you back anyway.


The good: The culture results came back from my boss's horse and, it was never the worst case scenario, never an infection, just a really bad joint flare. Which means a) he's going to be fine and b) it really wasn't my fault, just a reaction to the meds I put in his joint. He's back home tonight. Thank you all again for the support. That may not sound like a huge deal, but it was very traumatic to me. I've given up so much of... life... for this profession, and causing an infection when I am *so careful* shook me to the core.


ANYWAY. In other news, I had this (BHUS) plot bunny today:

Someone leaves a special package on Josh and Aidan's doorstep. It's a baby werewolf (the result of Ray's philandering and an unsuspecting girl who disappeared shortly after giving birth). Josh, Aidan, and Sally decide to raise the babe/werecub. Aidan is an awesome dad. Josh is clueless but feels responsible. Sally is a living (more or less) baby monitor. Hijinks ensue.

I don't know why, but this makes me happy.


With regards to the promo's for next week Spoilers? )


Still haven't decided whether to do the remix this year. I'm loving writing again -- but really because of Being Human and, since we're still such a fringe fandom, I think it unlikely I'll be paired with someone to write in it. Which probably means writing for Supernatural or Harry Potter, and I'd only do the first for an early season and it's been so long since I even thought about the second. Yeah, I want to be involved, but I dunno.



I just started reading this novel: Angelology. Really enjoying it so far


I kind of want to watch some of the old Jack/Ianto Torchwood episodes. :D

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